What Is WebWork Time Tracker?

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What Is WebWork Time Tracker?

WebWork is a time tracking and employee monitoring tool that is designed to simplify remote work management. It enables remote teams to organize, track and discuss work without having to experience the discomfort of remote work. 

As a time tracker, WebWork allows tracking time spent on work, generates reports, and analyzes productivity levels. Other than tracking time, it also functions as a Task Management platform. Users can organize their remote tasks and track the time spent on them. 

WebWork deals with remote communication as well. It has built-in communication tools such as Team Chat and Video Calls. These are meant to make the communication process smoother and faster, as the main purpose of WebWork is time management after all. 

How WebWork Helps Remote Work Management?

The vast array of features that WebWork has is all aimed at improving remote work. They are specially designed to solve its main issue, that is, distant management. 

Let’s see how exactly WebWork helps remote work management!

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Transparency of Work

WebWork provides transparency of work to make remote management easier. The distance can make the process of monitoring a project’s progress a bit tricky, especially because project updates may be done through remote communication only.

Instead, WebWork offers 4 screenshot modes that make a project’s progress available at your fingertips. Imagine being present at every step of your team’s work process no matter where in the world you are. 

As a time tracker with screenshots, WebWork takes random screenshots of the screen and makes them available to the workspace owner and managers. Of course, if privacy is a priority at times, it also offers a blurred mode which still gives a view of the work process but maintains the privacy by blurring the details.

Another perk of transparency is making sure remote employees are working as required. WebWork tracks app and website usage and reminds users not to spend too much time on platforms marked as non-productive. It then turns all this data into detailed reports so that you have a clear idea of how your remote team is performing without making an extra effort.

Effective Time Management

WebWork ensures remote teams spend their work time optimally. 

When working remotely, there is a high chance of either overworking or slacking off. It is actually quite expected as the place which people perceive as their getaway from work becomes the place where they do have to work. 

However, to make the process of adjustment smoother and easier, WebWork offers time tracking. Automatic time tracking enables seeing where exactly you spend your time. That way you can see what takes more time than is required and work on improving your time management skills. 

This is especially important in remote work. Instead of manually checking to see whether your employees are working the required hours, you get that information delivered to you by WebWork. 

As a result, your employees acquire a sense of time management and you get assistance in management.

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Accurate Billing

To make sure you are paying your remote employees accurately, you need an accurate system for counting the worked hours. 

WebWork tracks working hours automatically and measures the amount to be paid based on the set hourly rate. The only thing you need to do is set an hourly rate. Moreover, you can create an invoice right inside the tracker. It has an invoice generation system, where you only need to fill in the details.

Saved Time

WebWork helps save time by centralizing all necessary tools for remote work management in one place. Other than being a time tracker, it also has Task Management, Team Chat, Video Calls, Geolocation Tracking, Productivity Monitoring, Work-Life Balance, Leave Management, and more. 

Instead of switching between several tools, WebWork gives you a single platform for organizing most of remote work. On Task Management, you and your team can organize projects and tasks, watch the process, write comments, and more. 

Then you can discuss the same tasks through Team Chat or hold video conferences through Video Calls. If you have employees on the move, you will benefit from the feature of employee geolocation tracking. You can see when they reach the destination and what route they take. 

Productivity monitoring will analyze the working patterns of your employees and provide you with information about who’s most and least productive. 

Work-Life Balance will ensure your remote employees do not develop unhealthy habits as a result of working from home. Moreover, it encourages them to stick to their healthy habits, such as working out, stretching, or drinking water. These are customizable so each user can choose what they want to be reminded about.

Leave Management is mostly useful for HR employees. As remote work creates a barrier in effective communication, it can slow down and complicate the process of assigning leave and time-offs. 

To avoid confusion in leave management, WebWork automates the process of requesting and assigning days off. Your employees can request leave days by writing the details and you can either approve or reject their requests. Similarly, you can assign days off for your employees and all the information will be recorded and available to both of you.

To Sum Up

WebWork is a time tracking and employee monitoring tool that is aimed at helping remote work management. It has all the necessary features for optimizing remote time management across the team, working with tasks, holding discussions either, handling work-life balance, and more. 

Try WebWork and enjoy remote work!