Nutrition for Eye Health: Foods to Include in Your Diet

Nutrition for Eye Health: Foods to Include in Your Diet

Taking Care of your eye is very important as it will help to prevent it from defects. As much as it is advisable to go for check ups regularly, it is also advised that you should take foods that would help improve body functions. This goes for the eye. If you don’t carry out intentional efforts to take care of your eye, you might be risking having eye defects.

One of the ways to take care of the eyes is by eating healthy food that would improve its functionality and also keep you safe from defects. You want to find out about these foods? Check out Bagan Strinden Vision eyecare procedures for more.

Best Foods For Eye Health


Fishes are known to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids. You might be wondering how fatty acid can help the eye or improve its functions. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in fishes like tuna, mackerels, sprouts and some others. For people who stay on their phones or computers at all times, the oil in these fishes would help to prevent dry eyes. Dry eye is caused by consistent focus on the screen.

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Citrus fruits

Although citrus fruits could be highly acidic but it is needed for a healthy eye. The antioxidants present in it would prevent the eye from getting affected during old age. Now, when people are getting old, the eye tends to become weary and starts getting dim. By eating citrus fruits, it would prevent that old age effect.

Seeds and nuts

This is the most common when it comes to foods that should be eaten for good eye health. Seeds, nuts, and legumes are rich in omega 3 fatty acid and also they could be very rich in vitamin E which is very much needed by the eye. To maintain good eyesight, seeds should be consumed more often. 

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are another good set of foods that should be consumed by people for good eyesight. They contain lutein and an eye friendly vitamin c. This would help the eye from the old age effect as stated previously. Examples include spinach, collards, etc.


Carrot is a fruit that is rich in vitamin A and has the beta carotene which gives it its color. The nutrient present in carrot will help the retina in absorption of light. We go out everyday and then you won’t always have the opportunity to be with a shade. The presence of vitamin A would help in that aspect.

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People say eating beef might not be so good for elderly people which is true but at the same time, beef is rich in Zinc. Zinc is necessary for the eye to prevent the loss of sight mostly at old age. Aside from beef, you can also consume other meat products like chicken, turkey, etc.


Surprisingly, the intake of water is important for eyesight. In order to prevent dry eyes, intake of fluid is important. So, drink as much fluid as you can especially if you are someone who is always on the go with your PC or phone.

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