What Can A PG Diploma Do For Your Professional Growth

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What Can A PG Diploma Do For Your Professional Growth

Are you interested in doing social work? Do you know that you can make money for yourself while helping others? And if you are interested to know how you can do a PG diploma and how it will benefit you in kick-starting your career, you are at the right place. In this post, we’ll talk about all these things and the University from which you can pursue your PG diploma in social work.

What is social work?

The goal of the profession of social work is to assist communities and vulnerable individuals in overcoming difficulties they encounter daily. Although social workers work in a wide range of contexts, they are all dedicated to promoting and enhancing the lives of people, families, groups, and societies.

Social workers are helping hand for medical patients, immigrants, victims of violence, veterans, the LGBTQ community, Poor people, students, children, etc.

Skills and qualities required to become a social worker

The field of social work has a number of criteria. One of them is having a certain set of innate abilities. And there are certain skills that you can develop while doing your PG diploma.

  1. Communication Skills: People who choose a profession as social workers need to be able to speak to their clients in a friendly manner so they can open up about the difficulties in their lives and ask for assistance by speaking about their needs without hesitation.
  2. Organisational Skills: Social workers must be well-organized because they must work with numerous clients and complete paperwork that includes records of their treatment or the type of assistance they received.
  3. Ability to Solve Difficulties: Social workers’ primary goal is to solve the problem of the needy, so they must be able to solve problems for their clients in an efficient way.
  4. Emotional Stability: Social workers frequently deal with people who are experiencing emotional breakdowns or are dealing with personal concerns, which raises stress and anxiety levels. To better assist and direct clients, one must establish an emotional connection with them. There should be enthusiasm, sympathy, and empathy in the client relationship.
  5. Interpersonal Management: People who choose to become social workers interact with members of various groups. He or she needs excellent interpersonal skills to interact with people and build solid, long-lasting relationships.

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Job prospects of Social workers

Many organisations offer employment opportunities to social workers. However, their job description, role, and salary are dependent upon the sector and agency they choose to work with. Social workers can join both Government and non-government both kinds of organisations.

  • Local, State, or federal government organisations.
  • Legal agencies of the state, federal, or country.
  • Schools
  • Healthcare organisations.
  • Community development agencies.

Salary of Social worker in India

 According to PayScale, the average salary of a social worker is 3,02,000 Rs.

Importance of PG diploma social work for your professional Growth

  1. It will introduce you to new qualities of yourself – During the social work diploma, you will be exposed to situations you have never been to, and you will learn to manage your emotions while dealing with people with a mental disorder or how to control people dealing with anxiety issues.
  2. Positive impact on society– Understanding individuals in society and working to improve their lives are the two main focuses of social work. Social workers assist people in coping and enhancing their life experience by listening to their needs, whether they are small children or addicts. Through this diploma course, you’ll be able to learn how to have a positive impact on society and how quickly life situations can alter.
  3. Society needs more social workers– In India and the world, there will always be people who’ll be in need, so there will always be a demand for social workers who are knowledgeable in the subject matter, and able to create a positive impact.
  4. Job Prospects– There are enormous job opportunities in the field of social work. Few job roles available in this sector are working with child protection, healthcare, women’s rights NGOs, community welfare officers, etc.

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Postgraduate Diploma In Social Work

At MGU, the Faculty of social sciences and humanities offers a diploma in social work of a 1-year duration. By studying in this department, you will be a member of the 500 + students and will emerge as a skilled professional. You are also ready to work in Indian and international markets.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Students who have passed graduation from any stream with an aggregate of 50% marks or equivalent can apply for this course.
  • As per the state government, relaxation to reserved category students. 
  • Admission will be based on merit.

Scope of a career in social work

Many individuals still believe that social work just entails working with non-profit organisations on the side. They are unaware that it has become a legitimate career option with excellent employment prospects in a variety of public and private organisations. The career scope of a social worker is broad, you can join as a counsellor, social security officer, labour welfare specialist, or social security officer in any government or non-government organisation. 

Big corporations also hire people educated from social work backgrounds in the department of CSR to look at the welfare of people and labour. With this, you also have the option to join a government job as a development/welfare officer in child and women development projects, juvenile homes, state homes for women, etc.


As stated above, there are a lot of employment opportunities available in social work and you are not limited to working with NGOs. The best part of this profession is, professionals from Humanities and social science studies have the opportunity to create an impact in the country through their work. Hopefully, this post helps you in understanding how doing a PG diploma in social work will benefit your professional growth.