What Is Duplex Printing? Complete Guide

What Is Duplex Printing? Complete Guide

Searching for the answer to the question What Is Duplex Printing? Today we will tell you everything about Duplex printing. No matter it is a small business or government entitles everyone is doing their best for maintaining a greener environment and save printer ink and paper. Let us tell now tell you about What is Duplex Printing?

What Is Duplex Printing?

Duplex Printing is also known as double-sided printing. It means the printing is done on both sides of the paper. It can be done either manually or automatically. For duplex printing, your printer must have the function inbuilt for automatic duplex printing. Although manually It can be done on any printer.

How Does Duplex Printing Work?

When you click for print and enable printing on both sides the computer will tell your printer to print on both sides.

Once the printing is done on one side need to re-feed the printer with the papers on the opposite side. This is the one thing you have to do manually you need to see that the papers are in sequence and feed them back in the printer with the opposite to print.

With Duplex Printing you can save paper by printing both sides of one paper itself.

How To Print Duplex Print?

For automatic Duplex printing, you need a printer that has a duplex printing function. When you go for printing you will have an option to print on both sides. The setting will depend on the type of printer you have. You have to select the option of print on both sides and follow the instruction on the screen. You should also use high-quality ink for duplex printing and once you’re done, you can sell your toner for cash to Sell Toner.

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Setting To Print Duplex Printing

Here are some common steps

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click on printers and faxes
  3. Right-click on the printer
  4. Click on printer properties
  5. Click on the advanced tab
  6. Click on printing default
  7. Below Additional Features check the box beside Duplex Printing
  8. Save


What Is The Difference Between Duplex Printing And Double-Sided Printing?

Duplex printing and double-sided printing has the same results. The only difference is that you need to manually print in double-sided printing and in duplex printing everything is prompted to you on the screen.

What Does Duplex Printing Mean?

Duplex printing means printing on both sides. Mostly all the printers have an option to print on both sides and some printers give you instructions to manually insert papers.

How Does A Duplex Printer Work?

Duplex printing means printing on both sides of the paper. Many latest printers have this function by default where the printing on both sides is done automatically however some old printers need a manual feed of flipped papers to printers for getting prints on both sides

What Is The Difference Between Manual And Automatic Duplex Printing?

Auto Duplexing means that the prints do everything for you that means it prints on both the sides automatically print on one side first and then on another side. Whereas manual duplexing means that your printer is not having the auto-duplex function and you have to do everything manually.

Is Duplex Printing Necessary?

Duplex printing is always necessary, in any case, if documents need to be bound. Duplex printing is an indispensable tool when designing brochures or small books. In this case, the printer settings must be set precisely, so that no sheets of paper slip or are swapped in the paper output.

What Is Duplex Printing Epson?

Standard double-sided printing allows you to print the odd-numbered pages first. Once these pages are printed, they can be reloaded to print the even-numbered pages onto the opposite side of the paper. Folded Booklet double-sided printing allows you to make single-fold booklets.

How Do You Use Duplex Printing?

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  1. Start menu > “Control Panel”
  2. Choose “Printers and Faxes”
  3. Right click your primary printer.
  4. Choose “Printing Preferences”
  5. Choose “Finishing” tab.
  6. Check “Print on both sides”
  7. Click “Apply” to set as the default.


Duplex printing means that the printing is done on both sides of the paper. Printing on both sides of the paper will surely save your paper. Many new printers have this duplex printing function inbuilt and can print duplex prints automatically. But there are old printers where you do not have the duplex printing function you need to do the printing manually. Hope we have solved your query about what is duplex printing?

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