Chal Jivi Laiye Full Movie Download : Free Download Chal Jivi Laiye  Full Movie

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Chal Jivi Laiye Full Movie Download : Free Download Chal Jivi Laiye  Full Movie

Looking for Gujarati Movies like Chal Jivi Laiye Full Movie Download ? You are at the right place then. Today I will tell you everything about the movie that like the storyline, cast, songs, and reviews. It is always good to know about the movie before watching it. It gives you an idea of what you will be getting. Keep reading to know more about this comedy-drama road trip movie.

Chal Jivi Laiye Full Movie Download

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Chal Jivi Laiye  Full Movie StoryLine

Chal Jivi Laiye full movie is a comedy Gujarati movie that was released in 2019. Aditya Parekh is a man who wants to become successful in every expects of life but heartbroken and unhappy despite everything. His father plans an unplanned trip for them to make Aditya realize and appreciate life. But this trip has a surprise for them that turns into a nightmare.

They meet a backpacker whose name is Ketki Mehta and takes them on a voyage. While trying to escape from there the father and son duo experience much more than surprises that have happiness, appreciation to life, realization, and much more. All this changes the way Aditya sees life. To see what adventures they have and laugh with them you must not miss watching this movie.

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Song List of Chal Jivi Laiye

Cinema house me Chal Jivi Laiye full movie is a super hit and so are its songs

  • Chaand ne Kaho
  • Pa Pa Pagli
  • Ghanu Jeevo
  • Ghanu Jeevo

Chal Jivi Laiye  Full Movie Cast and Details

Here is the list of the Cast, Crew, and everything of Chal Jivi Laiye movie download full HD

  • Language: Gujarati
  • Release Date: 1st Feb 2019
  • Length: 2 hours 17 minutes
  • Cast
  • Siddharth Randeria – Bipin Chandra Parikh
  • Yash Soni – Aditya Parikh
  • Aarohi Patel – Ketki Mehta
  • Jagesh Mukati – Bhala Kaka
  • Aruna Irani – Dr. Vadia (guest appearance)
  • Bhavik Bhojak – Bhavik Bhojak (guest appearance)
  • Director: Vipul Mehta
  • Production By: Coconut Motion Pictures

Chal Jivi Laiye  Full Movie Review

The Movie is a fun-filled journey that will not only entertain you it will also teach you some interesting things. The movies when watched feels close to your life. The Director has done a great job and the actors have played fair with their roles. The songs are also good to hear and feel melodious. I would recommend you to watch the movie with your family to enjoy and have good laughter together.

Chal Jivi Laiye  Full Movie Stream Sites

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Chal Jivi Laiye  Full Movie Trailer

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Is Chal JIVI Laiye On Netflix?

No Chal Jivi Laiye is not yet available on Netflix India

Where Can I Watch Chaal Jeevi Laiye Movie?

You can watch Chaal Jeevi Laiye on Netflix USA

Is Chaal Jeevi Laiye On Hotstar?

Currently, Chaal Jeevi Laiye is not available on Hotstar

How Long Is Chal JIVI Laiye Movie?

The Chaal Jeevi Laiye is 2 hours 17 minutes long.

What Is The Story Of Chaal Jeevi Laiye?

A father and son meet a stranger on a hike who provides an experience full of surprises and realizations.

Is Shemaroo Gujarati Free?

Shemaroo Gujarati is a free app for Android published in the Recreation list of apps, part of Home & Hobby.

Where Is Chal JIVI Laiye Movie?

Production. The film is shot in Uttarakhand including at Haridwar, Chopta and Kedarnath.

Where Was The First Indian Film Shot?

The first full-length Indian films released in India were the Marathi-language silent films Shree Pundalik (1912, Dadasaheb Torne) and Raja Harishchandra (1913, Dadasaheb Phalke). Both were premiered at the Coronation Cinematograph in Bombay.


Watching comedy movies keeps you stress-free and is the best way to laugh with your family. One such movie is Chaal Jeevi Laiye that will make your daylight and teach you so much. The movie has wonderful to watch and has perfect actors and director doing their best. You must not miss watching the movie Chaal Jeevi Laiye and you will appreciate it after you watch

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