The IT Services Company That Makes Durham Businesses More Competitive

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The IT Services Company That Makes Durham Businesses More Competitive

Impressing clients, retaining employees, and keeping innovation all at the same time isn’t easy. Optimizing the effectiveness of your business with technology, so it operates at maximum efficiency is a risk that’s too big for many companies.

IT Solutions will fix your current IT problems and help you avoid more by giving you every advantage of optimized technology today. IT services in all of Durham are flexible, productive, affordable enough to work for a small startup, and just as capable of assisting established companies in meeting their goals. Read to learn about the IT services company that makes Durham businesses more competitive.

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As a business owner, you want to spend your time on the activities that make your company thrive—like creating innovative new products and services. Computerbilities is a Durham-based managed IT services provider with the mission of relieving businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals, of the burdensome process of finding and retaining competent IT staff.

Computerbilities, founded 26 years ago, helps businesses by allowing them to monitor their networks, servers, and virtual machines (VMs), which allows them to identify and fix issues before they become problems. Your company’s growth prospects will improve by being proactive and limiting downtime.

Their team has helped organizations restore files that have been deleted or otherwise rendered unusable by using data backup: a process that allows businesses to store data in a separate location so it can be retrieved when needed. You can get your files back with the aid of disaster recovery. Computerbilities ensure that businesses will never again suffer the loss of vital records!

Align Technology

Align Technology’s revolutionary medical devices give patients and dentists much to be happy about.

Patients with malocclusions can benefit from the Invisalign system because of its precise, comfortable fit for each tooth. While this happens, iTero intraoral scanners aid doctors make accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatment for various conditions. Overall, Align Technology makes trips to the dentist less of a hassle.

Dentists can also use Align Technology equipment to make their practices more efficient. The iTero scanner allows dentists to take 3D images of their patient’s teeth, which allows them to diagnose problems better before treatments begin. It also helps with treatment planning and reduces time spent taking impressions for crowns or other dental work by sending data directly from your computer screen into our lab.


Avaya’s cloud-based IT solutions, founded in 2000, help businesses compete more effectively in the digital economy. The Avaya Total Experience platform is designed to deliver seamless communication across teams and departments while providing the flexibility needed to improve. It allows companies to invest in their future without sacrificing the present.

The cloud-based solution offers businesses that want to grow a robust communications system that is easy to manage and scale as needed.

Xylem Inc.

Xylem Inc. is a company that has worked to improve water management by developing new technologies. By emphasizing technology, Xylem has developed the Xylem Vue platform, which improves water management. 

Companies can monitor pipes, relieve wastewater networks, and persuade customers to reduce water use by using data collected through digital means. The water problems of the marine, agricultural, and other industries are being solved by Xylem thanks to this careful consideration.

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Durham businesses need to increase their agility to be competitive, and NetApp, founded in 1992, is assisting these businesses in moving to hybrid cloud infrastructures. The organization helps its customers streamline their data and implement safety measures. 

NetApp offers cutting-edge cloud solutions while also adapting to the needs of diverse companies because of its partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services,  and Google Cloud.


Medical professionals and their patients often struggle with communication, especially when it comes to the rehabilitation process. Hillrom’s wearable therapy solutions allow doctors to track their patients’ progress once they begin the rehabilitation procedure. 

Hillrom provides surgical beds, intercoms, and regular maintenance for hospitals in Durham. The company’s wearable therapy solutions allow doctors to track their patients’ progress once they begin the rehabilitation procedure.

When it comes to your business, how you handle technology can make all the difference when running it. You need to take advantage of technology that makes your company more stable, efficient, and, thus, more competitive. With top IT companies on your side in Durham, you’ll be able to draw from a talent pool of pre-screened experts with the skills and experience you need to meet your goals. Look for a Durham IT services provider with a proven track record of success and an eye toward building solid and lasting relationships with clients.