Love Arts and Crafts? These Craft Cabinets Are Made For You

Juliet D'cruz

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Arts and crafts are one of the many passion projects of families even before the pandemic started. It’s a way to relax and let your creative juices flow, as well as get the kids engaged. Crafting doesn’t have to be limited to just painting and doing arts. Art is a big word that it’d probably take you a long time to explore. 

Arts and crafts have become a fun activity to bond and learn things. It also helps develop the person’s cognitive, physical, and social skills. For those who are into such activities, there are actually craft cabinets specially designed to safely store their supplies. Below, we rounded up nine of these and how you can make the most of them as you tap into your artistic side:

  • Arts & Crafts White Cabinet from HOMCOM

A good craft cabinet can give you enough storage space for all your arts and crafts. One of the best storage cabinets to consider is the White Cabinet from HOMCOM. It offers a great storage station wherein your art tools can be kept and easily reached when in need. It has a flexible crafting space to work on your projects. Besides that, it has lower cabinets, overhead cabinets, and a slide-out drawer that makes it a perfect cabinet to do your craft.

  • Arts & Crafts Art Supply Storage Halifax Cabinet from Winsome

The Ikea-inspired Scandinavian designed cabinet has been popular due to its sleek and stylish design. It goes with any style as it has a white finish that blends in anywhere in your house. The five-drawer cabinet will look good in your home office or your bedroom wherein you can use it as a storage cabinet or dresser.

  • Arts & Crafts Counter- Height Craft Cabinet with Table from South Shore Crea

If you are looking for furniture that has a lot of functions but you want to save space, Crafts Counter- Height Craft Cabinet with Table from South Shore Crea might be a good choice for you. The multipurpose furniture has a comprehensive storage area to organize and keep your arts and crafts. What makes it more a good choice for a storage cabinet is it has craft tables and two large storage that makes it a versatile piece.

  • Arts & Crafts 44 Drawer Art Supply Organizer from Akro-Mils

When looking for a craft cabinet that can fit in different forms and shapes of art supplies and tools, it should feature a small size cabinet with many compartments. You may take a look at the 44 Drawer Art Supply Organizer from Akro-Mils that will surely give you the best storage option.  Considering the craft tools that we own, it’s very important to be able to keep them organized.

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  • Arts & Crafts Rolling Craft Storage Wood Cabinet Cart With Three Drawers from Honey-Can-Do

This Craft Storage Wood Cabinet Cart with Three Drawers from Honey-Can-Do is the perfect craft cabinet for paper and twine arts. It has a little mobile workstation that will give you enough storage space for your arts and crafts. In terms of flexibility, you can bring it anywhere in your house because of its movable function. Overall, it’s a multifunctional craft cabinet that has a minimalist finish because of its clean white paint and a rolling mobile option.

  • Arts & Crafts Wooden Desk Organizer Storage Cabinet For Art Supplies from Marbasse

You can’t deny the beauty of organized tools and supplies every time you do your work. This Wooden Desk Organizer Storage Cabinet for Art Supplies from Marbasse is small, versatile, and stylish, perfect storage that you can place in your desktop table or study table. It features a sturdy wood shelf wherein you can store small items like pens, rulers, scissors, and other school and office supplies.

  • Arts & Crafts Folding Craft Cabinet from Best Choice Products

A slimmer and more compact storage cabinet is getting more famous to the professional craftsman. The Folding Craft Cabinet from Best Choice Products is the perfect choice for its stylish and versatile aesthetics. The cabinet has a lot to offer for storage since it can hold not only crafts and art supplies, it can also be used for cooking and baking tools.

  •  Arts & Crafts Sewing And Craft Cart from Sauder

If you are looking for a luxurious and versatile storage cabinet, you may consider Sewing And Craft Cart from Sauder. The gorgeous mobile cabinet can be used as a table and a storage cabinet. Moreover, it also gives you the option to bring it anywhere in the house.

  • Arts & Crafts Store-In-Drawer Craft Organizer from ArtBin

The Store-In-Drawer Craft Organizer from ArtBin is one of the best storage options for small items. It comes with a variety of small compartments to keep your everyday items like medicine, pens, and sewing materials. You also have the option to mount it on the wall to save space or just put it on your study table.

Final Thoughts

Getting into arts and crafts has a lot of benefits not only to us but also to our children, especially amid the lockdown where we have to spend most of our time at home. It lets us become more creative and gives us the luxury of having to bond with our family. Keeping the arts and crafts supplies in a storage cabinet has also helped us to gain peace and satisfaction. For more craft cabinet ideas, visit

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