Small House Design: Expert Tricks to Decorate Your Small House

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Small House Design: Expert Tricks to Decorate Your Small House

Truoba 1200 sq. ft. house plans or any other small-size house design could be your favorite small modern house design. 

But do you know that it is even more stressful to decorate or remodel a small house than it can be in a medium and large-spaced room?

Yes! It is pretty challenging. It is because you do not have significant space to stuff your decors. Therefore, while decorating a small house, you have to be concise and creative to make your rooms beautiful and stylish. 

Sounds tricky, right? 

Don’t worry. We got you covered. This article will provide crucial and most effective tips to beautify your tiny house. Therefore, if you are looking to change the feel of your rooms, I suggest you read through this article to the end and ensure to put the tips into use.

Let’s get started with the small space beautification tips.

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6 Expert Tricks to Decorate Your Small House

  • Consider Recoloring

Recoloring your spaces is one of the primary and essential steps, to begin with. By recoloring, we mean repainting or changing the color scheme of your room, including the walls and furniture. 

Repainting the walls or changing the color tone of your furniture revives the look of your rooms. You may consider creating a pattern on your walls and furniture. Also, you can create an accent wall by changing its color to make it dominant. 

Accent colors are highly recommendable for furniture and other decorations, while dominant colors should take a more significant part of the rooms, including walls. White color is highly recommendable among the dominant colors as it fits perfectly with almost all other colors.

  • Use In-built Furniture

While decorating a small house, it is highly recommendable you leverage every space you have. Unlike larger rooms, pulling your furniture away from the wall leaves them floating, making your room look awkward and leaving some unpleasant gaps between the furniture and walls. 

Using the inbuilt furniture eliminates the awkward gaps and enables you to fit everything properly. Additionally, built-in furniture helps you leverage the available space, making your tiny house look organized, beautiful, and spacious.

  • More Mirrors and Reflective Materials

Mirrors and other reflective materials are excellent elements for decorating a small house. 

The reflective materials brighten your rooms by bouncing the available light throughout the room and visually lighting up small spaces.

On the other hand, mirrors change the feel of your tiny house in several ways:

  • Mirrors create an illusion of a bigger space, making your room feel much roomier. 
  • Mirrors reflect light throughout the area. 
  • Mirrors also replicate the beauty in the room, creating some beautiful patterns. 
  • Lastly, mirrors are also ideal elements for adding an artistic touch to your walls. While you can cut and shape a mirror according to your preferences, you can create a cute mirror gallery on your walls.

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  • Utilize all Surfaces in the Room

Every space counts. And even the presumably less noticeable surfaces are visible when it comes to tiny houses. Therefore, making good use of those surfaces can transform your play significantly.

Chimney breast and windowsills are good examples of less noticeable surfaces that you can utilize when beautifying your house. These surfaces are ideal for putting plants and flowers. You may also consider placing decors such as decorative clocks, wall arts, and paintings.

  • Make Use of Antiques and Vintages

“Old is gold.” The saying echoes perfectly in the small house decoration world. 

Antiques have proven to work pretty well with tiny houses. Various features of antique items make them ideal for small homes. For example, most antique furniture such as Georgian sofas occupies relatively small space as they are slim-lined and have upright backs.

The best thing about antique items is that you can transform them to look more stylish and attractive. You can also blend them with modern decors to create a more appealing look. 

Generally, antiques and vintages are easy to customize through various ways such as repainting, offering the opportunity to repurpose them. For example, you can create an antique gallery wall with vintage plates.

  • Focus on Lighting

Light is an essential component of beauty, especially for small houses. Insufficient right can make a beautiful space feel dull. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to keep the sightline in mind throughout your decoration process to ensure an adequate supply of natural light in the house. 

You can also incorporate artificial colored lights for additional warmth and beauty.

Experts also recommend the use of bright colors and reflective flooring kent materials to amplify the available light.

Final Words

Decorating your small spaces involve simple DIY tricks that do not need much energy. All you need is to implement the tips discussed here. Ensure to give your decors, including color patterns, lighting, and curtains, a touch of personal style – adding personality.  This will give your small house some fantastic natural beauty.

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