5 Over the Toilet Space-Saving Storage Ideas for Every Household

Juliet D'cruz

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While most homeowners prioritize ample storage in their kitchens, they frequently overlook their restrooms. There is a lot of unused space in the bathroom that might be put to good use as storage. Towels, toiletries, bathroom tissues, and a variety of other items must be stored in the bathroom. You can make your bathroom look more orderly by adding more storage. Adding an over-the-toilet storage unit is one of the most useful space-saving measures you can take in a small bathroom. This allows you to take advantage of the otherwise unused vacant space along the wall above the tank. 

Installing over-the-toilet storage is one of the simplest and frequently least cost home renovation projects to accomplish, and the benefits of decreasing clutter and increasing space may be enormous. While this is an excellent location for storing bathroom products, there are a few things to remember. 

Bathroom Storage Over The Toilet

A fantastic solution to add storage to your bathroom is to invest in a cabinet that offers various storage solutions to meet your everyday needs. One of the most important aspects of any bathroom remodel is the use of cabinet space to free up space and eliminate clutter. The over the toilet storage may be purchased with a different design to fit around and above the toilet to provide that much-needed extra storage space. 

Let’s talk about some over-the-toilet storage options for a more attractive bathroom with these best brands.

  • Zenna Home 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver
  • Best Comfort Over-The-Toilet Space Saver
  • Tangkula 3-Tier Over The Toilet Storage Rack
  • SONGMICS Bamboo Bathroom Shelves
  • Kealive Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

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  • Zenna Home 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver

This over-the-toilet storage is available in two different styles: a wall shelf and a space saver. The product is both light and strong. It comes with three wood shelves and a metal frame. It is simple to assemble and gives excellent value for money. The traditional yet modern design will work with a wide range of bathroom designs.

  • Best Comfort Over-The-Toilet Space Saver

The product comes in two sizes, each of which fits well as an over-the-toilet storage solution. It has a large shelf as well as a cabinet with two more shelves. The product is painted with NC paint, which is easy to clean and resistant to water and rust. Because of its water resistance, it may also be used as a bathroom towel storage.

  • Tangkula 3-Tier Over The Toilet Storage Rack

The bathroom cart is made of high-quality, anti-corrosion iron and has a unique design. The product can effortlessly support 17 pounds of weight for an extended period. Its three shelves are large enough to contain all of your basics, as well as a stylish candle and/or plant and it is simple to maintain and put together.

  • SONGMICS Bamboo Bathroom Shelves

Whether you want to use this bathroom over the toilet storage as a bathroom standing rack or if you want to mount it on the wall, it’s all up to you. Apart from its contemporary style, the main feature of this product is the versatility it provides. You get three robust shelves that can be adjusted to five various distances depending on your requirements.

  • Kealive Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

The product is manufactured of high-quality MDF, which makes it more strong and long-lasting. Its shelves could each hold up to 11 pounds of weight. It comprises two cabinets, each with four shelves. Then there’s the top storage, which you can use as a storage space or can beautify with plants and other decorations and the product can be utilized as a towel rack in the bathroom.

The Three Categories

  • Free Standing

These have two feet on the floor on either side of the toilet and are free standing over the toilet cabinet. A cabinet that is above the toilet tank is supported by side panels or supports that rise from either side.

  • Wall Suspended Cabinet

These cabinets are affixed to the wall above the toilet, much like upper cupboards in the kitchen or laundry room.

  • Wall Suspended Shelves

Shelves that hang from the wall over the toilet are known as wall suspended shelves.


A piece of bathroom furniture or a cabinet can add a lot of personality to your bathroom. More importantly, a good storage cabinet reveals a lot about your personality. Apart from that, these cabinets are the greatest place to keep your toiletries, such as lotion, sanitizers, towels, and other necessities, organized. Keep in mind that only you have the power to limit the possibilities of that magnificent bathroom cabinet.

Whatever you decide to put in your over-the-toilet storage area, keep the aim of clutter reduction in mind. Don’t just shove things up there because you have more space now. Regularly cleaning and eliminating outdated stuff and expired toiletries will help you maximize the amount of storage space you have.

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