How To Pick Earrings For Different Hairstyles

Juliet D'cruz

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Styling jewellery is a skill that has to match a woman’s hairdo to create an overall fantastic look. Earrings are the central ornaments that draw attention to one’s face being in contrast with the hair. So, the hairdo is the primary factor to opt for earrings and the general guideline for accessorising the perfect earrings are listed below. The essential elements to choose the right earring are the shape of the face and neck length. 

List of Hairstyles with the Best Earring Types

  • Pixie Cut

A pixie crop cut is a short women’s hairstyle, and usually, a cuff earring looks fantastic as the ear is more likely to be visible in this hairstyle. Other patterns that go well with this haircut are ear crawlers and earring jackets. The shape, pattern, colour and stone embellishments in an ear cuff also contribute to the classy eye-catchy look. 

  • Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hairstyle makes a definite line across the shoulders, and the ideal pair of earrings here can be quite large and colourful statement earrings or chandelier types that are big and chunky to prevent them from getting lost in the hair.

  • Side Swept Hair

A hair swept on one side requires a pendant drop earring that are the classic piece to offer a simple, feminine and elegant outlook. For this hairstyle, one should always avoid wearing an earring that is too long as it will give an illusion as though the person has a very elongated face. Get jewellery gifts for the beloved ones after analysing all the below guidelines also properly.

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  • Hair Down

A hairstyle like hair down will distract the earrings, and hence a simple pair of studs are the best way to go with them. And if one has multiple ear piercings, then a minimalist ensemble can be created with tiny and delicate studs layered. But without just restricting to studs with the hair down, a woman can experiment with other colourful drop earrings to bring about a more ladylike sophisticated personality. Make sure that the pair of earrings are not hidden or overwhelmed by the hair.

  • Side Bun

Pulling all the hair back sleekly and forming a nice side bun makes it look great for all formal occasions. The best choice for this hairstyle will be to wear long delicate earrings. This long dramatic earring drop will naturally accentuate the neck and shoulder line. 

  • Up-Do

An updo or high bun creates a lot of space between the ear and the shoulders. In this particular hairstyle, a woman’s ears are very clearly visible and therefore flaunting long, thin danglers or straight facing hoops are the sound choice for them. With studded diamonds, they develop a more elegant look, and these diamond gifts for her will be a great plan to surprise any woman.

  • Pony Tail

Selecting an earring with a ponytail depends on the height of the ponytail. If the ponytail is very high, then large statement earrings, earring cuffs and hoops are best and add a lot of drama without attempting to detract from the face. Whereas a low ponytail is laid back, large studs or Huggies are the best to snuggle on the ears. 

The skill of matching earrings to every hairstyle is the best way to look well-groomed. But personal tastes play a significant role, and experiments on different looks with different earrings are also required. So even if there is a pair of earrings that one is not sure of how to flaunt, nothing should stop her from wearing them.

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