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Answer this. Do you have a creative mindset? Or do you enjoy tackling and fixing real-world problems and wish to contribute significantly to this world? Then, pursuing a career in engineering might be what you are looking for. 

The engineering profession entails the employment of the principles of science and mathematics to research, design, and run different systems, structures, and processes. In addition, they utilize their creative thinking and analytical thinking skills to come up with solutions for real-world problems. Thus, their primary focus is to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world issues and make a meaningful impact.

The significance of a master’s degree 

You can enter the job field right after earning your bachelor’s degree, but getting a master’s degree is necessary if you want to advance in your career. With the job market becoming increasingly competitive in the present times, having a master’s degree can help you compete better for jobs. 

Does pursuing an advanced degree seem like an unreachable career goal? Perhaps, your obligations to your family and job are hindering you from excelling in your field. If such is the case, there is no need to worry because online degree programs are the answer. 

Individuals can pursue an online masters in engineering to specialize in various fields. Some common specializations may include electrical engineering, bioengineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, engineering management, etc. 

Although all these specializations offer promising career growth, the education requirements and skills may differ. 

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That said, let’s take a closer look at some lucrative jobs in the engineering field:

  • Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers combine the principles of mathematics, physics, electronics, and electromagnetics to power the world. These professionals research, create, design, and test electrical and electronic apparatus. In simpler terms, electrical engineers are in charge of everything, from the tiny sensors in our cars to the large machinery that powers power plants.

A wide range of sectors hires electrical engineers. These include telecommunications, aerospace, industrial and production plants, research and development, transportation, and defense industries. Moreover, to enter this highly-paid career path, professionals must acquire and refine their critical thinking, electronic troubleshooting, and numeracy skills.

Typical job responsibilities of an electrical engineer can include the following:

  • Design, maintain, install, or modify electrical devices, infrastructure, parts, goods, or systems for business, industry, or the home.
  • Utilize computer-assisted design or engineering software and tools to carry out various technical tasks.
  • Collaborate with clients, engineers, and other stakeholders to talk about current or upcoming engineering projects or products
  • Create standards for the purchasing of materials and equipment for the electrical industry
  • Manage or guide the project team
  • Calculate building, labor, or material costs to create a budget
  • Upkeep electrical apparatus

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average wage of an electrical engineer is $101,780 per year. And employment will grow by 3% from 2021 to 2031.

  • Biomedical Engineer

As the name suggests, biomedical engineers act as a bridge between engineering and medicine. These specialists design and create tools and systems that aid in diagnosing and treating medical disorders using scientific principles. Additionally, these engineers put forth a lot of effort to improve medical products’ effectiveness, safety, and quality.

Healthcare facilities, educational institutes, research centers, and manufacturing plants are typical areas where biomedical engineers work. However, to excel in this career, you must develop and polish communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and attention-to-detail skills. 

On a given day, your job duties as a biomedical engineer can include the following:

  • Install and set up biomedical hardware and software
  • Assess the reliability, effectiveness, and safety of biomedical devices, tools, and software
  • if necessary, maintain and fix biomedical machinery and apparatus
  • Educate medical professionals on how to handle biomedical tools and equipment safely and efficiently
  • Write reports and documentation 
  • Conduct pertinent research

The BLS reports that a biomedical engineer can expect a median wage of $97,410 per year, and the job outlook will grow by 10%.

  • Petroleum Engineer

Let’s admit it; the world consists of natural resources like oil and minerals that are quite valuable. As a result, companies are always searching for experts in the water, gas, and oil industries. Perhaps this explains why there is such a great need for petroleum engineers.

Petroleum engineers choose the most effective techniques for removing oil and gas from subsurface rock formations. In addition, these professionals maximize the effectiveness and environmental safety of petroleum extraction by applying principles from mathematics, engineering, chemistry, and geology.

Most petroleum engineers find employment in labs, offices, and manufacturing facilities. Since petroleum engineers must interact with other engineers and oilfield personnel, travel and relocation are frequently a component of their jobs.

The work that petroleum engineers do is highly varied. Let’s look into a few of them:

  • Devise low-cost drilling and extraction strategies using surveys, testing, and analysis to assess new reserves and establish their profitability
  • Planning and designing tools and equipment for extraction
  • Figuring out the best strategy for drilling through internal divisions in a single, free-flowing well
  • Monitoring ongoing production activities, guaranteeing effective drilling and extraction, and ensuring that transportation and extraction adhere to safety

The median annual pay for anyone interested in entering this lucrative field is $130,850, and the job outlook will grow by 8% from 2021 to 2031, as per BLS. 

  • Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers employ their knowledge of mathematics and science to solve issues that many organizations encounter and enhance the equipment and processes used to treat chemicals. In addition, these professionals research, test, and assess procedures and data to create plans for improving factory operations.

Chemical engineers operate in various industries, including manufacturing, research, and development. Furthermore, you should be proficient in mathematics and problem-solving, have solid communication skills, and be able to work independently and as part of a team to succeed in this career.

Some of the everyday job responsibilities of a chemical engineer can include the following:

  • Testing the materials and products’ physical and chemical properties
  • Developing, designing, and researching novel production techniques
  • Examining present procedures and devising ways to improve efficiency, quality, and safety
  • Establishing criteria and standards for processes, infrastructure, goods, and evaluations
  • Equipment and facilities installation, maintenance, and inspection
  • Performing routine instrument calibration and troubleshooting

The BLS reports that these chemical engineers earned an average salary of $105,550 as of May 2021. And the field is most likely to grow by 14% by 2031.

Final thoughts

The engineering industry is broad and offers a variety of intriguing careers with good income potential. 

A better idea is to choose the career path that best aligns with your interest and passion. For instance, mechanical engineering can be a good fit if you enjoy playing with machines. But if you are eager to find a solution to the energy challenge, go for electrical engineering. 

In any case, those who opt to study engineering have bright employment possibilities in the long run. But lastly, be mindful that you need the appropriate expertise and credentials if you wish to get hired for one of these highest-paying positions.

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