Why Does Call Center ACD Really Matter?

Juliet D'cruz

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Why Does Call Center ACD Really Matter?

Let’s be honest: the manual method of taking customer calls one by one is no longer effective. It not only ruins your customer service experience by keeping your callers waiting but also damages your business by requiring more staff. 

The automatic call distributor (ACD) programs are designed to automatically forward incoming calls to the right staff members or services. This way, your callers don’t have to wait for a long time before their call is picked up, and enjoy a memorable calling experience. In this guide, we’ll look into why call center ACD software matters and why you need one for your call center in 2022. 

That said, let’s roll in. 

What is a Call Center ACD?

Call center ACDs (automatic call distributors) are programs that help automate the handling of incoming calls, resulting in a better calling experience for customers. These programs either direct an incoming call to the relevant agent or a service like recorded voice. 

Apart from providing a better user experience to your callers, call center ACDs also help reduce the number of staff members needed at your call center. For instance, you could have a pre-recorded message play each time a customer wants to ask a popular question, like your business hours. With a robot doing the repetitive tasks a human would do, you can save up on staff expenditure with a call center ACD. 

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How Does a Call Center ACD Route Incoming Calls?

Call center ACD programs come with different routing protocols to fit your business needs. However, they commonly use skill-based routing and intelligently route incoming calls to the right agents. They may use factors like agent skills and previous customer data to do so, ensuring top-most customer service. 

Other than that, some call distributors also use AI profiles while routing calls so all customers are served at their best. Further, these programs give you freedom over setting conditions for call routing. For instance, you can set them to automatically transfer an incoming call to the next most qualified agent if one is unavailable. 

Why Call Center ACD is Important for Your Business

Here we’ll explore the top reasons why investing in an automatic call distributor is worthwhile for your business’s call center:

Better Customer Experience

Data reveals that 90% of Americans take customer support as a factor to consider when choosing a brand. With that at hand, it’s important to have your customer support service up to the mark. But if you still operate your call center using the traditional manual method, chances are many of your incoming calls are handled late and some even go unanswered. As you might expect, having unsatisfied callers can negatively affect your business. 

That’s where call center ACDs come in. They help you automate your call routing and many other call center operations for maximum productivity. By setting them up to automatically route a call to an available agent, you can make sure no call goes unanswered. Plus, you can set up your phone system to play recorded voices in certain cases, like when a caller wants to know your business hours. This way, call center ACD programs can help improve your customer service tenfold. 

Improved Workforce Management

Another significant benefit of automatic call distributors is better management of available staff. Such a program will let you set up your phone system to automatically route incoming calls to the right staff. This will help minimize the time wasted in manually forwarding calls to the relevant department. Moreover, doing so makes sure the idle time of your agents is minimized as well. 

Easy Staff Performance Monitoring

It’s likely most of your business fund goes to more important departments like marketing rather than a call center. In that case, making the most out of the available workforce is important. With call center ACDs, you can access detailed call center analytics regarding calls, staff members, and more. This way, you’ll be able to ensure your employees are working effectively during their work hours. You can also look into the performance of each agent to track your best-performing call center staff. 

Seamless Agent Training

Last but not the least, easy agent coaching is another great benefit of automatic call distributor programs. Such programs let you record calls and have a bird’s eye view of the call center operations via their dashboards. You can share this information with your new agents for quick, easy, and effective training. Plus, as the software will be automatically routing calls to them, it’ll take very little effort from their end to understand your call center operations. 


Final Words

In this ever-growing digital world, one important thing every business should do is automate their call center with automatic call distributor programs. Automating your call routing will lead to a significantly better calling experience for customers, resulting in high conversion and customer retention rates. When seeking an automatic call distributor software for your business, make sure it’s compatible with your CRM program for smooth operations.