What is CDeX? We explain!

Juliet D'cruz

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What is CDeX? We explain!

The cdex.cloud platform became particularly famous when the Cyber Range of this Polish producer was selected by the NATO. The project from Vector Synergy was to serve as a training and exercise space for specialists in cybersecurity. How to use CDeX? What training can you find there? Read on to find out more!

Cyber Range from CDeX

The CDeX platform is known primarily for its Cyber Range, i.e. a virtual space intended for training in the field of cybersecurity. These types of environments are created to enable the improvement of skills in a safe environment. Trainees can use professional simulations of hacking attacks or take part in group training, where the ability to work in a team is also essential.

CDeX offers two models of Ranges. The first one works based on a data cloud and allows immediate access to training materials at any time of the day or night. Works best for short-term use of the platform. On the other hand, CDeX On-premise allows you to take full control over your data and create an environment tailored to your company. Therefore, it is perfect for frequent use of the Cyber Range. Both models can be tested in the demo version!

Different types of training and their benefits

The CDeX offer includes various types of training, both for amateurs and experienced specialists dealing with cybersecurity. They are a great solution for companies that want to provide their employees with the opportunity to exercise regularly and constantly improve the security of the company’s or organization’s network. What training can you find at the CDeX Cyber Range:

  • automatic training – this is training that can be performed individually. It consists in going through and observing specific, previously prepared scenarios (at your pace).
  • Red Team vs Blue Team – two teams take part in this training. One of them plays the role of attackers, while the other team deals with data protection. It is a training course during which you need to be fully vigilant and rely on your skills. You never know what the next move of your opponents will be!

Trainings allow acquiring and improve theoretical skills, but most of all they are used for practice. After their completion, a detailed report is sent that allows for additional analysis of your progress. It is also worth to remember that CDeX specialists offer constant substantive support and are always ready to help their users. Learn more at https://cdex.cloud/.