Why are VOD Platforms Popular Among Viewers? 

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Why are VOD Platforms Popular Among Viewers? 

The tendency to cut the cable cord and switch to online video streaming services is widespread among consumers. They stop watching television programs and turn to the so-called VOD platforms. 

Why is that happening? Let’s discuss this in this article. But first, let’s clarify what VOD means. 

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What does VOD mean?

VOD stands for video-on-demand. It is a platform that gives people the opportunity to watch videos whenever and wherever they want. 

On VOD platforms, videos are available at any time because they are stored on servers. A consumer needs to click on the video, and it starts playing. 

Videos available on-demand are streamed via the Internet instead of cable or satellite connections. 

There are different types of VOD according to the business model that a content provider chooses. 

For example, there are AVOD, TVOD, and SVOD. AVOD means that viewers can watch videos for free but with ads. An SVOD platform offers videos available on a subscription basis. TVOD is also known as a pay-per-view model — viewers pay only for a video they want to watch, and the rest of the content requires additional payment. 

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Why are VOD platforms popular among viewers?

Why do people switch to VOD streaming platforms? Let’s talk about the benefits of VOD services for viewers. 

#1 Content is delivered directly to viewers

VOD services are available on multiple platforms and devices, including a Smart TV, a smartphone, a tablet, and a computer. And it is thanks to OTT apps that deliver content via the Internet. It means that a viewer can watch videos at any time and anywhere. 

People don’t need to be tied to one spot in front of the television set. They can be in a cafe or in a park and enjoy their favorite videos. Everything they need is an internet connection and a compatible device.

#2 Viewers have more control over what they watch

As we said above, millions of people are switching to VOD streaming services. They do that because video-on-demand platforms offer them flexibility. They can watch anything they want and when they want. 

There is no need to follow the schedule and wait until a video is to air. A viewer simply enters the video streaming platform, chooses a video to watch, and enjoys it. The content on the VOD platform is available 24 per 7. 

There is no way you can experience the same with cable or satellite TV. Traditional television offers programs at a certain time. After it has been aired, you cannot watch it again. 

#3 Video streaming platform is usually less expensive  

Video streaming services are usually less expensive compared to traditional cable or satellite television. The price of a traditional television can be around $50 a month or higher. The average price is about $200 for cable. That’s more than $2400 a year.

VOD platforms’ costs start from $5. It is possible to find some holiday offers from streaming service providers, as TVALB does regularly with their albanian tv app. They could be even free in case a content provider generates revenue on ads. Some service plans cost $25 a month. But it is still twice cheaper as a cable for $50. 

A viewer can obtain subscriptions for several video streaming services when not using traditional television. And they get everything they want to watch available on multiple platforms. 

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Final Thoughts

VOD platforms’ popularity is high among viewers of different ages and nationalities. They are less expensive than cable, are available on many devices, and provide control over what people watch. On VOD platforms, they can view videos in a way they like due to rewinding, catch-up, and many other features.