Which Cisco Certification Is Best For Cyber Security?

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Which Cisco Certification Is Best For Cyber Security?

Cisco’s CCNA Security and CCNA cyber Ops are excellent for building a solid foundation if you are starting in your cybersecurity profession. In addition, the CCNP security certifications will advance your career if you have additional security skills. So, let’s explore the CCNP security certifications without further ado.

What does CCNP security certification serve?

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification verifies a person’s proficiency with LAN and WAN network implementation and troubleshooting. Additionally, one gains respect as someone who can collaborate with specialists on modern wireless, video, and security solutions. People who have been networking for at least a year benefit the most from it.

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CCNP Certification benefits:

  • There are plenty of jobs available.

Your ability to work as a network engineer, computer network architect, project engineer, and many other positions is made possible by your CCNP certification.

  • A very high salary potential

A CCNP certification opens up various job opportunities and the potential for increased pay for those who hold it. According to Cisco data, those with the CCNP certification make at least 10% more than those with the same title who do not hold the Cisco certification. To get more CCIE Security info click this link.

  • Appreciation of talent

Obtaining CCNP certification is a road to developing complex skills in computer networking. One can be recognized as having the best training possible in the industry by earning a certification from a reputable organization like Cisco.

  • Keeping Current

A CCNP-certified individual is knowledgeable about modern technology. It aids them in advancing in their careers.

  • One creates an irresistible resume.

A person’s education, skills, and professional experience speak for themselves in their résumé. If you mention your CCNP certification on your resume, potential employers will likely think you’ll be a good match for the company and contribute to it. These credentials on your resume also reflect the applicant’s enthusiasm for study and learning.

  • Booster of confidence

The CCNP certification can enhance confidence and morale. Due to their lack of education, some people are hesitant to apply for jobs, but having a top-notch certification in a field that is always expanding gives them more confidence.

  • Very strong job growth

If you’re looking for work, having a CCNP certification puts you at the up of the list for promotions and job excellence. If a person is switching companies, this qualification enables them to land a higher position without starting at the bottom. In addition, a CCNP certification qualifies one for jobs with great development potential shortly. According to a prediction by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries for network architects and information systems managers should rise by at least 15% between 2012 and 2022.

  • Being Given Priority

With CCNP certification, you gain exclusive access to various resources and confidential areas of an organization, allowing you to learn what it takes to establish a secure network and a flourishing company. Keep in mind, though, that knowing an organization’s inner workings gives you the ability to defend it rather than do it harm.

  • High Probability of Travel

The CCNP certification will provide excellent career opportunities to all CCNP aspirants, especially in IT-equipped and developing nations like India, Dubai, Nigeria, the United States, Algeria, Angola, the United Kingdom, and Australia. You can work internationally whether or not you have industry experience. Remember that credentials are among the most precious items in the modern business sector.

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The Cisco Cyber Security Certifications are the correct choice for you if you want to develop a promising career in networking because they not only expand your knowledge base but also allow you the opportunity to work internationally while providing many other personal advantages. Among all, CCNP is the best.

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