Dedicated Server With Crypto Support

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Dedicated Server With Crypto Support

More people turn their eyes to crypto as an instrument of investments and daily service for making payments. And here, we have decided to inform you about the offers related to the dedicated servers, bitcoin payment – physical and virtual variations.

Dedicated vs. VDS

There is not much difference between the physical and virtual dedicated servers because the customer gets control of its resources. But virtualization is cheaper because the operator doesn’t need to form the physical part of the equipment. It dedicates a partial amount of the space on the current stand.

Despite the virtual server being personal, it may be part of the more extensive equipment. That means there may be one or some neighbors, but the IPs will be different. The hypervisor, meanwhile, will allocate the resources between them.

Summarizing the listed above, both services have their audience. The virtual dedicated servers help the clients to build autonomous corporate networks and cloud solutions for remote employers. The physical servers are popular among streamers, researchers, and all other categories of people who need more capacity to implement their projects.

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What does VSYS Host offer

Our company offers standard and premium services. They differ only with port 1 to 9 GBps in standard tariffs and 10+ in premium. You buy the server with crypto quicker and safer than the traditional methods suppose.

We build most of the servers on modern Intel processors. The customer gets the dual E5 CPU, at least 16 GB of RAM, and 250 GB SSD. Our company almost excluded the exploitation of the hard disk drives, concentrating our efforts on the NVMe and SSD development. Our biggest storage is available in the Subline package – 1 TB SSD and 6 TB HDD. The Supreme+ package has 128 GB of RAM.

We accept Bitcoins, Dodgecoins and LTC automatically, plus much more altcoins on request. If you want to pay in the unlisted digital currency, choose the Bitcoin method and ask them to send you an invoice in the desired cryptocurrency. Our billing department will immediately react because it’s a great honor to become the pioneer in this sphere, especially when this currency is new.

The data centers are in Ukraine, the Netherlands, and the USA. These countries have loyal digital payment policies and respect the privacy importance. Nobody will disturb you if you buy cheap dedicated server hosting except if your content violates the rules. However, we don’t accept claims from foreign countries and governments concerning the issues allowed by the local legislation where the data center locates.

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