What Is IDP. Generic?

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What Is IDP. Generic

Sometimes when you run an antivirus you get a notification of IDP. generic but What Is IDP. Generic. IDP. Generic is a warning about a threat. But this can also be a simple false positive it is it can also be no threat let us know more about what is IDP. generic below with everything you need to know.

What Is IDP. Generic?

IDP means Identity Detection Protection which is a reference that a virus may have attempted to steal information like your identities such as banking details or any other sensitive details from your device. These threats can be of 2 types

  • It can be a false positive which means the antivirus software was not able to recognize a file so it has categorized that file as a virus that really is not.
  • It can be an actual virus known as a trojan. It is a malicious program that has been designed to steal your personal banking details for stealing money or also take control of your device

What Is IDP.Generic Trojan?

Idp.generic means that the antivirus in your computer has detected a file that is a generic file that means the file is not recognized or detected. Your files will be marked as soon as these files do something that triggers the flag.

How Does The Idp.Generic Virus Enter A Device

The Trojan virus can enter your system in many different ways. For example

  • By downloading software that has a virus in it
  • By clicking on a link that has silently downloaded a file or application that s infected
  • By clicking on pop up ads on some website
  • Also using free file hosting sites have a high risk

As soon as a trojan file is downloaded it makes a chain reaction and downloads malicious programs and also weakens the normal programs.

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What Should I do If I find A false positive?

If you get a false positive you must remove the file from the virus vault. Below are the steps that can follow when you get an idp.generic virus in avast

  1. Open your antivirus application Avast
  2. Click on Protection
  3. Click on Virus Chest
  4. Right-click on file
  5. Click on restore and add exclusions

Please note that every antivirus has its own feature to restore files.


Should I Ignore The Idp.Generic Notification?

Generally, it should not be ignored when you get them from your antivirus programs. In many cases, it is seen as a false positive but you still should not be completely ignoring this.

What Causes Idp.Generic False Positive?

Usually, the idp.generic is caused by the outdated definition of the antivirus. This means that the antivirus in your system is not updated. You should also change the antivirus you are using if the updates are not gone after updating it.

What Is A Generic Virus?

A generic detection has identified a program or file that has features or behaviors similar to a virus. Security programs use generic detections that look for broad patterns of code or behavior to identify similar programs or files.

How Do I Check My Avast Virus Chest?

To access the Virus Chest, on the Devices tab click the drop-down menu beside View: and select Virus Chest.

What Is IDP Malware?

IDP generic means that the detection was detected by an Identity Protection detection component of your antivirus and it is a generalized file that got detected. Your files will be flagged by this whenever the file does something identical to malware that triggers the flag.

What Does An IDP Generic Virus Do?

‘IDP.Generic’ Avast is a threat notification that Avast antivirus gives when it detects a potential threat on your PC. While the threat can be a true positive, there are times when Avast gives false positives by deleting downloads before they run or blocking existing files.


As mentioned above an idp.generic is a warning from the antivirus you are using. The warning is about a threat caught by antivirus that is not recognized. It can be falsely positive or a trojan. It can be dangerous as if it is trojan it may try to steal your personal sensitive information from your system. We hope that your query about what is idp.generic is solved by us

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