What Is Elo? Elo is a word you must have heard from gamers. Most of the games use the word without knowing the meaning of what it means. It is referred to as competitive games. But how does it relate to gaming? Let us know everything about what is elo? That you must know.

What Is Elo?

Elo is a rating system that is used to calculate the relative skill levels of a player. Originally the Elo system was designed for the two players game like chess. The Elo system got its name from its creator Arpad Elo.

Initially, the Elo system was invented as a chess rating system. Nowadays it is been used in many games. There are many variants of the system that is used in multiplayer competition games. Commonly it is used on team sports games such as American College football and basketball and Major League Baseball.

In leagues, the Elo rating of players is used to rank players and then find other players with similar skill levels to play with or against.

History of Elo

Arpad Elo was the creator of the Elo. He was a chess player master. He played a master-level chess player. He was an active player in the United States Chess Federation. The USCF use to use the numerical rating system. Harkness system used was good but Elo devised a new system that had a more statistical basis.

The Elo rating system used the players all over performance stats and based on this data when a player wins more games the rating of the player is increased and when they lose a game the rating goes down.

The Elo system was implicated in 1960 by USCF.

The World Chess Federation did the same in 1970

How Does The Elo Method Work?

Every competitive game uses a version of the Elo system. The metrics that are considered depending on the games.

PUBG is one of the games that uses the Elo rating system. When a player wins the rating increases when a player losses the rating decreases. PUBG has different ranking systems for different game modes.

Tips To Improve Your Elo Ratings

Below are some tips for you that will help you increase your Elo ratings

  • You should communicate effectively. Overcommunicating is bad so say only what is needed. If you communicate with everyone it is even worse.
  • You must completely concentrate on your performance. Do not waste time on other players mistaking pointing them out.
  • Never quit a game. Quitting a game affects the Elo ratings even more than a regular loss of game.
  • Practice and be perfect in skills like earning.



What does ELO stand for?

Elo has two different meanings

  1. Elo rating system
  2. Electric light Orchestra

What is Elo LOL?

Elo LOL means that the Elo rating system used in League id Legends to give ranking where the ranking is given by the rating obtained by a playing in relevant to skills and others

What does low ELO mean?

Low Elo means that the skilled player at the low Elo can easily increase its rank and a high Elo means that the quality of player is improves

What is ELO in Destiny 2?

The Elo rating system calculates the players skill levers and then selects two players to play against each other in games like chess pr Crucible in the case of Destiny 2


Now, whenever you play a game like PUBG and you see ratings you know what are they and who you get them. Elo is a rating system that has it’s named after the creator of the game. We have also given some tips that can help you increase your Elo ratings. This was all about What is Elo Rating system that a gamer should know.

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