What Is A Frunk?

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In the evolving landscape of automotive design, a new term has emerged that’s changing the way we perceive vehicle storage: the “frunk.” Let’s explore what exactly a frunk is, its origins, and how it’s revolutionizing the way we utilize storage space in cars.

What Is A Frunk?

The term “frunk” is a portmanteau of “front” and “trunk,” describing a storage compartment located in the front of a vehicle, where the engine might traditionally be housed in internal combustion engine cars. Unlike the traditional trunk located at the rear, the frunk is situated in the front section of electric vehicles (EVs) or some modern cars with unconventional designs.

Origins And Evolution

The rise of electric vehicles, with their differently configured powertrains, has given birth to the frunk concept. EVs, devoid of a combustion engine in the front, offer ample space for storage compartments. Manufacturers recognized this unused area as an opportunity to provide additional storage capacity, leading to the integration of frunks in many electric vehicle models.

The Frunk Experience

Utility and Functionality

Frunks offer a range of benefits:

  • Extra Storage: Frunks provide supplementary storage space for luggage, groceries, charging cables, or other belongings, complementing the trunk space at the rear of the vehicle.
  • Clean Storage: Some frunks feature water-resistant, easy-to-clean materials, making them suitable for storing items that might soil or wet traditional car interiors.
  • Convenience: Access to the frunk is often easily facilitated through the vehicle’s infotainment system or a dedicated latch, enhancing convenience for users.

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Frunks Beyond Evs

While initially popularized in electric vehicles, the concept of a frunk is gradually making its way into other car designs. Some manufacturers are exploring creative ways to utilize front-end space in non-electric vehicles, offering frunks or front storage compartments in various models.

Future Of Frunks

The concept of frunks represents a shift in automotive design philosophy, emphasizing the importance of maximizing storage potential within vehicles. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, we can anticipate further innovations in frunk design, potentially altering the way we perceive and utilize vehicle storage space.


The introduction of the frunk marks a significant departure from traditional vehicle storage configurations. Its integration into electric vehicles has not only increased storage capacity but also enhanced the practicality and versatility of modern cars.

Whether it’s facilitating grocery runs, accommodating extra luggage during road trips, or simply providing a convenient storage space, the frunk has become a notable feature contributing to the overall user experience in contemporary automobiles.

As automotive engineering progresses, the frunk’s evolution and potential inclusion in a wider array of vehicle models signal an exciting future where storage solutions continue to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of drivers worldwide.


What Is A Frunk On A Car?

The term frunk has emerged in automotive circles as a term for an enclosed storage compartment located near the front of the vehicle. Such compartments are meant to be analogous to a trunk, which is traditionally located in the car’s rear. Frunk, naturally, is a portmanteau of trunk and front.

Why Do Teslas Have A Frunk?

Since they don’t have a bulky engine, electric vehicles often offer extra cargo room up front in the form of a front trunk (AKA frunk). It’s a bonus area you can use when the actual trunk is packed to the gills, and it’s one of the things EV owners love most about their cars.

Who Came Up With The Word Frunk?

Frunks go way back. Rear engine Volkswagen Beetles, Chevrolet Corvairs, Porsche 911s and even the short-lived futuristic Tucker 48 all had frunks. Telsa came up with the moniker “frunk” in 2012 for the extra space at the front of their electric vehicles (EVs).

Is It Froot Or Frunk?

Some people who should know better refer to these spaces as ‘froots,’ a contraction of ‘front boot. ‘ Americans call boots ‘trunks’ so the Stateside version is ‘frunk. ‘ Sadly, that’s a widely used term as well, even though it sounds like a variety of cold sore.

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