Using Business Cards to Build Your Brand: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide

Berry Mathew

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Using Business Cards to Build Your Brand: A Real Estate Agent's Guide

Real estate agents can use business cards to easily share contact information with prospective customers. Real estate business cards can also be a marketing tool to help spread the word about your business. A professional-looking business card can leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues. This impression, in turn, can help you stand out in a competitive business environment. Here are some tips to help you create an effective business card for strong branding:

Keep It Simple

Effective real estate business cards should deliver information quickly and concisely. You may be tempted to cram a lot of information on your card, but this can make your card look cluttered. Your prospective customers may have difficulty getting information from a cluttered business card, so focus on sharing only the most relevant information. 

Must-have information on a real estate business card includes things like: 

  • Your name
  • The name of your business
  • Your phone number
  • Business email address
  • Your website address
  • Social media handles

If you have multiple phone numbers, label each with distinguishable terms, such as office, direct, and cell. Your phone numbers should also have recognizable and easy-to-read formats. Avoid using stylized fonts on your card, as they can be difficult to read.

Use a Design That Is Consistent With Your Brand 

You want everybody who interacts with your card to make a connection with your brand. Your card should match your website and marketing campaigns in terms of color, font, look and feel to create a cohesive brand experience. That way, anyone with your card can recognize your brand if they have interacted with your marketing material, like social media pages, ads, and flyers.

You may consider featuring your logo prominently on your card to make it more recognizable. If you work under a real estate agency, include their logo on your card for easier recognition. Consider any pre-existing business card designs from your agency as well, as using these may help provide a consistent design across cards.

Create a Template

Once you have a design you’re happy with, consider developing it into a template. Templates can be reused by new employees in your agency or easily printed again. With a pre-designed layout and format, you can save time and effort in creating new business cards every time you need more. Using a template, you may also find it easier to update information such as phone numbers and addresses. This can help you focus on other aspects of your work, such as networking and client relations. A consistent design across all your business cards can help establish brand recognition and credibility and attract potential clients. 

Use the Back of Your Card 

On the back of your card, you can include additional information that makes you stand out from your competition. You can include the details of any recognitions or awards you have won on the back of your card. You may also consider including any relevant credentials you may have as well.

If you would like to share more information on your cards without creating a cluttered look, you can include a QR code. QR codes can be used to lead customers to a web page with more information about your services. QR codes can lead clients to your social media profiles, your personal website, or other information. This can help increase the usefulness of your business card, while maintaining a sleek and simple design. 

Strategically Distribute Cards

Once you have received your cards, the next step is distributing them to potential clients and colleagues. Consider leaving stacks of cards at local businesses, handing them out at networking events, or including them in mail sent out to targeted audiences. It may also be useful to carry a stack of cards with you in case you meet someone who may be interested in your services. You may also consider leaving cards with friends and colleagues for them to distribute if such an occasion arises. By distributing your cards widely, you may have an increased chance of finding clients who need your services. 

Real Estate Business Cards: A Tool for Building Your Brand

With a simple and unique business card design, you can build a strong brand image and spread the word about your services. Business cards can be most effective as a branding tool when used strategically. For this reason, using templates for easy production and duplication can be useful. Consider these techniques for creation and distribution as you build your real estate brand.