Top 5 Reasons to Get a Car Accident Attorney

Juliet D'cruz

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Thousands of car crashes happen every day, and fortunately, not all of them require legal help.  Still, some need the special touch of a skilled attorney to set the record right and ensure that a victim doesn’t have to shell out money for what they went through.

If you’re unsure about whether a lawyer is the right next step for you, consider each of the following five reasons it may be.

Insurance Is Under-Quoting You

Insurance companies are businesses.  Although we’re all legally required to have car insurance, and it’s supposed to help us in the case of an accident, many companies will do anything they can to reduce how much they pay for a claim.  This means that you may have been through a heavily traumatic accident, and yet you’ll only get a check for half of what you had to pay for your vehicle to be fixed.  Any good car accident attorney in St. Louis, MO, can work to set this right.

There Are Arguments About Who’s At Fault

There are cases where nobody’s truly at fault, but unfortunately, these are few and far between.  Often both parties know who’s at fault, but one party will lie about it because they don’t want to see their monthly deductibles go higher and higher.  If you can’t clarify who caused the crash and whose insurance should be handling the claims, it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer.

There Were More Than Two Vehicles

Similar to how you should act if there are different opinions on fault, if there are more than two vehicles in a car crash, and there’s any disagreement, you should quickly lawyer up.  In accidents involving more people, there’s a higher chance that someone won’t have the right information, and they’ll repeat whatever they’re told.  This could lead to you being liable for a huge crash that wasn’t your fault.

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You Required Severe Medical Care

If an ambulance has to be called to the site of the accident: you should also contact a lawyer.  If anyone in the crash has severe injuries, that means skyrocketing medical bills, possible trauma, and a lot of healing and time needed to get back to how life was.  A lawyer can help you regain some of these losses, as well as gaining you some extra for emotional distress from what you’ve been through.

You Lost Time at Work or Lost Your Job Due to Your Injury

Losing your job due to a car crash may sound silly, but it’s not as rare as you’d think.  If your injuries, or the trauma you sustained, are keeping you from being able to do your job the way you did before the crash, it’s time to talk to a lawyer.  A great attorney can help you recover lost wages and aid you in whatever way you need from them. 

A lawyer is a big decision to make, but it’s important to protect yourself and your finances so that you don’t pay the price for getting hurt.

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