Tips to be a Social Media Champ For Your Business

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Tips to be a Social Media Champ For Your Business

In today’s tech-savvy world, every business needs to have an active presence on at least one social media platform. Social media has completely shaken up businesses operating and marketing themselves. The impact has been so substantial that businesses “need” social media to reach their target audience and succeed in the cutthroat business world.

Will that be easy? With ever-evolving platforms and trends, businesses might struggle to keep pace. However, they need to get a few basics right.

10 Smart Social Media Tips for Your Business

The following social media marketing tips are baseline techniques to get entrepreneurs started on their journey to become the next social media champ in their niche.

Carry Out Thorough Audience Research

Market research is key for entrepreneurs to chart out their social media goals and exactly their efforts. Through research, they are essentially trying to find the type of audience they want to target so they have a demographic/group they can reach out to through their social media pages. The gathered data will provide perfect timing to maximize the expected results while minimizing lost chances for good engagement, creating more social media opportunities in terms of leads generation and conversion, and maintaining positive branding.

Once the type of audience has been identified, the next step is to find the right social media platform from Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Linkedin, etc., to reach out to that niche audience. For example, if your business specializes in trendy western wear clothing for millennials, it doesn’t make sense to post content on Linkedin. The majority of the millennials will be most active on Facebook and Instagram, thus narrowing down your platform search.

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Have a Social Media Schedule in Place

Social media algorithms tend to reward profiles consistently with wider reach and more audience engagement. Entrepreneurs and content creators must map out a consistent posting schedule for every single day of the week. The posting schedule should also include the format of posting. For example, which days you reserve for Instagram stories and which ones for Facebook stories.

Just like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories are fleeting images or videos designed to disappear after 24 hours.

Stories can be found above Facebook’s news feed, both on desktop and in the app. Facebook Stories have also become an increasingly attractive way for business owners to connect with their customers.

A consistent schedule will ensure that you are utilizing all your social media platforms and businesses stay active on social media in the middle of all other chaotic tasks related to the management and operation of the business.

Curate Top-Quality Content

Before jumping into the tips and hacks of acing the social media game, entrepreneurs need to understand the consumer psychology behind following certain pages on social media and visiting it frequently. The intention is not only to scour good promotional discounts and deals. Anyone is going to get tired of frequent promotions. The intention is to come to the page to consume good quality content they will not find anywhere else.

Therefore, content creators need to keep audience interest in mind while curating content for their social media. You do not need to develop a complete, out of the box unique idea. Top-notch social media content can be easily curated from multiple online sources and presented with a unique, interesting angle.

Posts with videos on Facebook generally receive 400% more engagement than text-based posts. For Twitter, hashtags are the make or break of your posts. These are the kind of insights you need to pay attention to and tweak your social media strategy accordingly.

Respond With Your Audience Promptly

You need to reply to comments, DMs, or any other form of communication as promptly as you can, along with being consistent on social media. This shows that the person behind the account cares about its audience and their opinion, which is always a good thing that can help build trust.

Cross-Promote Across Channels

Did you know about this social media hack before? Cross-promote posts from Instagram on Facebook and vice versa. Promote Instagram reels on Youtube Shorts or Tik Tok videos on Instagram reels. If you have a featured image on your blog post, you can use even that to promote on your social profiles.

Cross-posting is a great way to attract a wider audience from different channels using the same content. This also encourages followers from one channel to visit your account on other channels. Having your presence on multiple platforms gives an impression that your business is strongly established and successful. 

Encourage Engagement

Being a social media champ is all about getting heaps of engagement on your profiles. Just loads and loads of people like, comment on your posts, and DM you. How do you make this possible? You can increase engagement by playing around with the topic of your content, by taking a few days off from products and services-related posts to provide interesting insights into your niche. 

Interesting insights could include business-relevant industry articles or current events and news that people are talking about. Use hashtags and use them wisely, don’t clutter your post with just hashtags. If your target audience consists mostly of millennials and Gen-Z, you could plug in meme content for maximum interest.

Another way to generate interest is to post emotionally-stirring content or share funny, educational, or inspiring videos. Apart from these, you also need to encourage followers to comment on your posts, reach out to you via DMs, and in general, express themselves comfortably on your social media channel. You also need to ensure that these queries and concerns are promptly addressed, so they keep coming back to your page.

Track Social Media Insights

Establishing your social media and branding is one thing, but measuring its results is another. And it is equally important as the first. Social media insights give you a clear understanding of what has worked for your business in the past, what needs more effort, and what needs to be completely avoided.

Insights also show you the best timing to upload your post. While there is no universally perfect time, digging into audience insights can inform you when your followers are most active.

Another point worth noting is to check what other actions you can take on social media to increase your engagement. For example, Instagram algorithm likes when Instagram stories are used.

Use Existing Influences

It might be challenging for a start-up to mark its place in the digital world. Even if they have a killer social media strategy in place, it might take a lot of effort and time. This is where you could take the help of influencers who have already established their place on social media. You can go about this by choosing niche-specific influencers to get reviews and mention for your business on their profiles. While you do so, ensure that your brand voice reaches the masses.

Wrapping up

Marketing techniques on social media can completely transform how you approach your entire marketing strategy. Next time you sit in a meeting discussing your next plan of action for marketing, make sure to include social media and branding as well. Start taking a strategic approach to your social media game and watch the engagement pour in.

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