Seven reasons why nursing is a very demanding & respected profession

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Seven reasons why nursing is a very demanding & respected profession

Nursing is indeed a wonderful career choice for a true altruist at heart. This profession allows you to help those in need and is truly personally rewarding.

Nursing has always been a popular choice for many, and one of the significant reasons behind this is the high demand for nurse practitioners.

A nationwide shortage of physicians and nurse practitioners is not something new anymore, especially during the pandemic crisis. 

The demand for nurses is growing by the day, and the American Nurses Association expects an 11% growth rate by 2022. 

The Bureau of Labour Statistics also predicts that through 2029, each year, there will be 175,000 positions for nurses. 

During the rapidly changing and advancing healthcare world, the rapid transformation means that the demand is increasing ever so quickly. There is no denying that nurses are very high in demand today, and nursing is seen as a highly-respected profession. 

Many today question the reason behind such rapid growth and increasing demand. Following are some popular explanations:

  1.     Experienced registered nurses are retiring  

As the experienced nursing population is retiring, they need to be replaced by a new workforce. Today, more than 50% of all registered nurses are 50 years or older and will be retiring soon. 

Research shows that 60,000 registered nurses have left nursing since 2012, and the number of boomer nurses (born from 1946 to 1964) will be 50% fewer than the peak number in 2008. 

In short, the healthcare industry needs new nurses. Such nursing trends have also made it important for new applicants to have strong skills that make them stand out to take the position of the more knowledgeable nurses that retired.

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  1.     Health reforms have changed

The healthcare system has evolved over the years, and following the Affordable Care Act, development in this sector has become a top priority. 

The Affordable Care Act has made it the goal of healthcare facilities to increase professionals, improve efficiency, and expand insurance policy coverage. 

With such targets, the management now looks to employ competitive clinicians and registered nurses who can ensure good outcomes.

  1.     Nursing offers opportunities in various fields

After getting a nursing degree, you can apply across a range of jobs, from working in hospitals or physician offices to getting hired for nursing homes or schools. 

Even within the hospital setting, you can choose between many posts, from administrative positions to working in the ER or critical care units. 

You can specialize in mental health, geriatric, intensive care, oncology, etc. After getting basic education and training for nursing, you can enter specific training programs offered by healthcare organizations to specialize in certain fields.

  1.     It allows you to make a difference

One of the major reasons people are attracted to this profession and why nursing is considered respectable is that you get to serve your community. 

Treating the vulnerable around you brings a unique kind of satisfaction; beyond helping improve their patients’ physical health, nurses make a lifelong positive impact on them. 

Outside of their workplace, nurses can participate in health literacy programs, public health education, advocating for patients, and volunteering for community work.

Besides using their medical training and expertise, nurses also provide their patients and their families moral support and take on the role of trusted confidantes. 

Nurses who truly invest their time and effort in helping their patients also enjoy moments of relief following successful surgery or the welcome of a new life into this world.

  1.     Nursing promises job security

Nursing has been and will continue to be high in demand, especially since the population is aging and experienced nurses are retiring. There is no fear of a declining job market with the expected growth rate in the coming years. 

Consistent growth is expected until 2029, and the growth rate is 45% between 202 and 2030. During the current economic change, prospects in other professions are declining, but fortunately, nursing is rising. 

Thus those looking for a secure future in terms of employment consider nursing a good choice.

For those aspiring to be nurse practitioners, connecting with specialized nurse practitioner recruiters can be instrumental. These recruiters possess valuable insights into the job market, enabling aspiring nurses and nurse practitioners to find positions that align perfectly with their skills and ambitions, ensuring a fulfilling and stable career path in the healthcare field.

  1.     Nursing has adapted well to online and hybrid programs

Today, following the pandemic situation, only those professions have thrived that could make the switch to an online platform. 

One of the main reasons nursing is still high in demand is that nursing has adapted wonderfully by shifting to telemedicine. 

Research shows that by April 2020, telehealth visits had increased 78 times since February the same year. This means that healthcare workers could use electronic devices to contact and offer their services to people remotely. 

Everything from remote monitoring and maintaining online health records to making online appointments has ensured that the healthcare sector worked even with the COVID-19 restrictions. 

Patient care has improved with the online and hybrid programs; personal health applications can monitor vital signs, store personal health information, track physical activity, schedule reminders, track calorie intake, etc. 

Nurses have been the driving force behind such online services.

  1.     Nursing offers flexible job schedules

While most other job options have the traditional 9-5 shifts, nursing offers a great deal of flexibility in the schedule. 

The main reason behind this is the diversity in nursing jobs. Nurses are needed everywhere, from hospitals and healthcare facilities to schools, summer camps, patient homes, etc. 

If you want an easy schedule during the summer holidays, you can opt for the post of a school nurse. Hospitals hire some nurses as on-call nurses to take over and fill empty spaces whenever needed. 

In most healthcare facilities, you can select the days of the week you want to work. You can complete your shift hours within a few days, or you would divide them over the entire week. As a part-time nurse, you can choose to work only on weekends. In short, there is great flexibility in schedule.

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Final words

For all these reasons, nursing is a highly respected career in the community and has always been in demand. 

Their emphasis on community service and benefitting society, together with the job’s perks, has made it an esteemed profession. 

Since experienced nurses are retiring, health reforms have increased emphasis on healthcare, career choices are diverse, and nursing offers great flexibility, this profession continues to be high in demand.