Essential Qualities That Make Nurses Good at Their Job

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Essential Qualities That Make Nurses Good at Their Job

The nursing profession comprises dedicated people who wish to serve humanity by actively devoting themselves to the arduous task of tending to the people that need a little help to get by. 

A nurse has to work in a fast-paced environment where they have to deal with emergency cases and constant multi-tasking. Their job scope pertains to diagnosis and treatments, patient recovery, practicing empathy, providing a safe and friendly environment for them, comprehending their symptoms, and ensuring all patient-related paperwork is updated. 

It has become essential for hospitals and healthcare facilities to understand what qualities are required in a good nurse to hire the nurses with the best talent. An efficient nurse needs to have compassion, kindness, and resilience, as they have frequent and direct interactions with patients most professionally and respectably. They work hard and ensure that they are well-informed and can work in high-stress and emergencies. 

The nursing field can be one of the most challenging and demanding fields globally. It’s diverse and always looking for innovation to make workflows and work processes faster.      

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Essential Qualities for a Nurse

The COVID-19 pandemic shows that nurses fought bravely on the front lines and proved to be significant members of any healthcare facility. There has been an increase in the demand for nurses. Countless nurses are looking to improve their skills and clearly understand what would make them intriguing and deserving candidates in the eyes of the hiring committee of healthcare facilities. Some of those qualities that would help them be a good nurse are discussed below.

  1. Ability to Learn on the Job

Going for advanced nursing courses, diplomas, workshops, and certifications can help polish your skills. There are various opportunities available for nurses to increase their education. After receiving their Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree (BSN), Registered Nurses (RN) can opt for a degree in Masters of Science in Nursing MSN degree they could go for a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). 

Achieving either one of these degrees opens up many career opportunities for nurses. Thanks to the advancement of technology, educational institutes have made enrollment and coursework easier. You can now easily get your degree of master of science in nursing online which will help you work your current routine without commuting to the institute. Furthermore, online degrees allow these candidates to attend classes remotely, significantly improving their concentration.

  1. Communication Skills

Nurses have direct interaction with patients, so they need to have good control over their comprehension skills in this particular aspect. Patients come from diverse backgrounds and have to be catered to individually. Hence, nurses must learn how to communicate properly while also listening actively.

  1. Ability to Network

Various worldwide professional nursing organizations arrange several educational programs and virtual events to provide striving nurses a platform to improve their skills and seek opportunities. They set up several seminars that focus on new and different topics in the nursing world, workshops with hands-on activities that enable them to learn new skills through various demonstrations, virtual lectures, presentations, and conferences that help them stay updated about new developments. It’s not enough to join these organizations as nurses have to juggle their personal, academic, and professional roles while also connecting with other professionals through this platform. 

  1. Build on Empathy

Though empathy might be natural to some, it still needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Empathy means the ability to understand other people’s emotions and thoughts, what they are going through and what they are trying to verbalize about their current situation, and also be able to disassociate triggers as the nature of this job could desensitize emotions. Practicing empathy with patients is crucial in the nurses’ training. 

It enables them to connect to patients and their emotional states personally. Nurses that have a more empathetic approach when communicating with patients about their worries and issues also need to check in with their therapists. Research shows that through a sequence of proper good engaging communication between nurses and patients, nurses can better understand their patient’s well-being and be more empathetic towards them.

  1. Critical Thinking

After receiving their degrees and practicing various learning experiences, nurses are tested by putting their knowledge and education into real practice. This requires them to have the ability to think outside the box, to be able to make critical decisions about tricky situations, and to be able to keep an open mind in emergency environments. Nurses should be able to properly evaluate the whole scenario regarding any unique development occurring in the hospitals, follow guidelines, and then make decisions accordingly.

  1. Ability to Use Technology

Our world has seen some impressive and major developments in technology nowadays, and these innovations are now being incorporated into the nursing world. Hospital appointments and information are now being posted online, and lectures and courses have also shifted to the virtual side to make it easier for everyone. Patients can save a lot of time and travel expenses. Due to this, nurses should now be well-versed in technological advancements and better understand them.


Nurses are an integral part of any healthcare facility. These facilities are now looking for nurses who are the most professional and the most compassionate towards their patients. Improving skill sets in this field can help progress, but time, effort, and resources are still required. Furthermore, it’s vital for teams to willingly adapt to newer workflows and be honest with roadblocks to make these improvements. 

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