Sensational Modern Groom Looks to Go for

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Sensational Modern Groom Looks to Go for

Once upon a time, the choices of what a groom could wear on his big day were very limited; however, times have since changed. Gone are the days of grooms being confined to the likes of tuxedos and morning suits. In fact, all rules are virtually out the window when it comes to wedding styles for men. 

Before you can even start to think about the accessories, such as designer silver cufflinks or buttonhole flowers, you must first think about the suit itself. After all, the suit will be the foundation of which everything else is based around. Discover some of the latest sensational modern groom looks below. 

Statement Suits

First up are statement suits that are brightly colored, patterned, or both! It goes without saying that what we wear has a huge impact on how we feel, and your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. As a result, you need to be happy in what you’re wearing. In order to be happy, dressing up and feeling great is the way forward, especially on the most special day ever. You might pair your statement suit with a pair of boots to continue with the fashionable twist. 

Light Suits

Previously, lightly colored suits signaled an informal wedding; however, perceptions have since shifted. Today, your color choices are more likely to be affected by the weather. For instance, for a summer wedding, you might opt for a pale blue or grey. For a winter wedding you might choose a black or dark grey. For the in between seasons, you might go for something more neutral like a navy or a brown. Ultimately, your wedding means that you can wear any color you like, and you can dress up or dress down how ever you see fit. 

Lounge Suits

While your mind might initially go to sweatpants and hoodies upon the mention of lounge suits, this isn’t quite what they are. Lounge suits aren’t for lounging; instead, the term refers to all suits that aren’t traditional morning wear. This could mean various patterns, colors, mismatching jackets and pants, wearing a T-shirt underneath, and much more. 

These are the ideal choice for those who want to wear something special on their wedding day but don’t enjoy wearing a traditional suit. Meanwhile, they’re great for destination weddings and other more laid-back types of ceremonies. 

Tweed Suits

Tweed Suits

While it’s often perceived to be old-fashioned, tweed has been back in style for some time, especially for weddings. Tweed isn’t what it once was; now, you can find modern muted shades, soft shoulders, and contemporary cuts. Similarly, tweed presents the perfect opportunity to sport a three-piece, due to the classic appearance of the pattern. If one thing is certain, it’s that fashion swings in roundabouts, and the classic tweed suit is coming back this wedding season. Furthermore, checks are prominent in today’s wedding décor, meaning tweed allows you to complement your wedding environment, too. 

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In order to pave your way to a lifetime of happiness, you must start with the wedding day. For this happiness to shine through on your big day, it’s essential that you look and feel good in what you’re wearing. This looks different for every individual, meaning if tradition isn’t for you, you don’t have to follow it. In contrast, if the classics are what excite you, then don’t stray too far from convention. 

All that matters is that you’re happy and ready to embark on your life with another person, and everything else will fall into place (even the wedding suit).