Salon Software Trends to Watch in 2023: A Tech Forecast

Charlotte Miller

Since everyone is familiar with the fast-paced technological trends, it has also played a crucial role in setting salon software trends. In 2023, much consideration has been given to once-overlooked fields. But now the tables have turned, and businesses are growing faster than ever.

Specifically, the health and beauty industry has undergone tremendous changes compared to the previous decade. Undoubtedly, new things come into trend, and previous ones need to be updated. Similarly, the beauty industry is expected to grow better folds by the end of this decade. So, salon owners need to stay updated and follow the trends in salon software.

This tech forecast can help you make better strategic moves. In this way, your salon will stay caught up to competitors; even the current trends can give you an edge over others. This blog deals with the directions to follow in 2023 for salon software. Having a detailed look at these trends will be lucrative. So, let’s get into it!

Lucrative Trends To Follow In Salon Software:

Here are the salon software trends to consider in 2023:

Augmented Reality; Virtual Makeovers:

 Augmented reality has evolved the beauty industry to a greater extent. It is one of the greatest AI advancements. As it can operate on the real-world experience, it has enhanced the user experience unbelievably. Augmented Reality (AR) has taken the beauty industry’s customer experience to another level.

With the help of AR, customers can virtually try hairstyles, hair dyes, makeovers, and nail art before actually getting it done. It helps the customers get a preview of the change before going through a physical change.

This feature appeals to customers since they can better decide whether the makeup or hairstyle suits them. Realistic previews have ameliorated the consultation and customer engagement process.

Appointment Scheduling & Management:

Since life is getting smarter over the days, it is vital to incorporate the facility of online appointment scheduling. This trendy feature guarantees the success of salons in the digital world.

Clients find it more convenient to book an appointment by just tapping on the screen rather than bothering the salon staff. In addition, It simplifies the clients’ handling and appointments are streamlined without errors. To streamline the management process even more, salon owners can include key trends like;

  • Online booking,
  • Waitlist management,
  • Appointment analytics

These features are an effective source to smoothen appointment management and effectively analyse the peak hours of customer engagement.

Inventory Management & Retail Sales:

Salon owners know how to boost their revenue in this smart technological era. Retail sales are one of the most effective ways. Besides this, inventory management is also a trendy feature to have in salon software.

salon inventory management enables the salon staff and owners to track the usage of products, automate reordering, and promote sales of a specific product. It not only tracks the real-time products but also gives useful insights about the product performance. In a nutshell, It helps salon owners to make informed decisions about their salons.

Seamless Payments/ Digital Wallets:

It is one of the top essentials that give a premium look to the salon software. It is time to have a contactless payment method so you dont have to handle the cash manually. Digital wallets have simplified the payment process tremendously. Virtual wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay have smoothened the transaction process.

Cloud-based Solutions:

Due to flexibility and scalability, cloud-based salon software has gained traction. It enables salon managers and owners to access the data anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, it minimises the need to maintain the data manually and automatically updates without error. This trend is expected to grow as salons recognise cloud-based solutions’ benefits in optimising their operations.

E-learning And Skill Enhancement:

Learning and skills enhancement are paramount and act as a silver bullet. Makeup professionals need to be equipped with trendy techniques and tools. Learning never stops, so offering e-learning resources and modules can enhance their skills.

Offering such E-learning programs gives a two-way benefit to the salon owners. It ensures that the customers receive the right treatment and your salon staff is well-equipped with skills. It boosts the confidence of your team in dealing with the latest hairstyles and makeovers and satisfying the customers on the other hand. Lastly, customers will likely stick to your salon because of the professional and learned staff.

Integration of Social Media:

Social media impacts marketing and customer engagement. This is something almost every salon owner is familiar with. But only some know the right integration of it with salon software.

With the help of automated reports and insights, salons can enhance customer engagement through social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Targeted ads and marketing campaigns can succeed more when driven by strategic data. Its integration is an effective medium to showcase the salon and its top-notch services.

Customer Relationship Management(CRM):

There is no doubt in the fact that managing customers is an important part of a salon’s success. With the help of robust CRM features, salon software can run targeted ads, loyalty programs, and automated follow-ups to engage customers. CRM enables the salons to retain customers and make them return to you in the future.

When customers are given incentives or awards on their special days, they tend to stay loyal to your salon. With the help of integrated CRM, salons can effectively attract new and existing customers.

AI-driven Marketing:

In a world where everything operates on AI, it would be foolhardy not to use it in salon software. AI transforms customer interactions and marketing efforts.

Furthermore, salon-software with AI capabilities can analyse customer data. It helps create personalised marketing campaigns and reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Data Security

 Though technology is doing wonders for salon software, securing clients’ sensitive information is important. GDPR and HIPAA(for health and wellness salons) hold significance in data security and compliance. In order to stay aware of the black hats, salon-software must consider advancements in data encryption, access controls, and compliance management. The security of customers’ information is highly important to avoid any misuse.


With the intent to stay high in the market, salon owners should pay special attention to the trendy features in the market. It leaves a good impression on the customers and gives them an edge over others.

So, If you are looking to enhance your business growth, these trends can set you apart in competitors’ game. Following the trendy features in your salon software will be lucrative in terms of winning game and fame.