Debunking Common Myths About Auto Repair in Houston

Charlotte Miller

When you live in a city with long highways and unique weather like storms and floods, you may start believing in myths related to your vehicle and its condition. A few of these myths are purely related to the auto repair and wheel alignment services. These are the ones we are going to debunk in this article.

We are hoping that you get to differentiate between the myths and the reality by the end of the article. Let’s debunk these myths together.

Myth 1: Dealerships Are Mostly Extra Expensive Than Independent Shops

Okay, so we are not claiming that dealerships and their services are not costly. Not at all. Some of their repairs, specifically for more extensive and more expensive cars, cost more. These may involve insurance, warranties, and using manufacturer parts. So, of course, such services and replacements will cost you more.

So, when you are looking for original parts and affordability, you can search for an auto repair shop near me, as some of these local repair shops have genuine pieces at really affordable prices.

Myth 2: Regular Oil Changes Are Unnecessary

There are many people who have come to auto repair shops after 2 years only when the issue or the noise escalated. This means that regular checkups and oil changes were not high on their priority list.

This is actually a very bad decision. Oil changing is actually a very important, integral even, part of vehicle maintenance. Oil is responsible for making sure that the engine is working smoothly and that any untimely wear and tear is prevented.

So, when you are not making sure that the oil is at the right amount in the car or any other vehicle, you are making your vehicle’s engine work harder, leading to more friction and very high costing repairs.

This will also decrease your fuel efficiency. Everything leads to more cost.

Myth 3: You Must Always Use the Manufacturer’s Parts

Sometimes, we have heard people thinking out loud that they only need the original manufacturer’s parts to make sure their car engine and other components work longer. This is not true. Although, if you go this route, you will get parts with a warranty, which is a good thing.

But you don’t always have to use those expensive parts. Many affordable, good, quality options, as alternatives to the manufacturer’s parts, are also available in the market. Minor repairs and replacements can easily be done without spending a lot of money.

Myth 4: All Mechanics Are Out to Scam You

This point is really interesting as, just like any profession, mechanics are also not always transparent. Some may charge you higher than necessary, and others may ask you to change a part that may not need updating.

This is not always the case. Many good mechanics are also working out in the world. The trick is to find a mechanic who is trustworthy and always goes to him for repairs. To find one that is transparent, you can:

  • Ask for recommendations from your friends and family who are already using someone for their vehicles.
  • Check online reviews that offer a clear insight as to which mechanics are trustworthy and also available near you.
  • Another tip is that you ask the mechanic about estimates. Do it upfront. This helps.
  • Also, try to build a rapport with a mechanic you think is reliable. He may help you and offer affordable solutions that you may have never heard of or suggested by someone else before.

Myth 5: You Can’t Maintain a New Car Yourself

This myth is really something. Mostly, the cars and vehicles are made to offer features that are user-friendly. It means that unlike what people believe, a new car is easier to maintain. You can check the oil and other fluids. You can also check if the air filter needs a change. You can also find it for yourself if your car needs tire inspection and engine maintenance.

The simple point is, indeed, there are many repairs and diagnostics that you cannot do, as only someone with expertise can do those. But, then, there are repairs or checks that you can do it for yourself. Self-starting a car, checking for water and oil, and so on are easier to do. It will help in increasing the lifespan of the vehicle.


Here, we successfully debunked some of the most common myths that people believed in. Not everything has to be a big issue. You can do so much yourself, car maintenance included. But, when you are looking for more extensive repairs and more challenging or complicated car maintenance, professionals are there to help who are transparent and accountable, especially when you get references from your friends and family or online reviews.