Most Overlooked Things When it Comes to Guarding Your Home

Juliet D'cruz

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Guarding your home is an important task if you want to feel as safe as possible.  Not only will this protect your physical property, but it will also ensure the people inside are safer.

Unfortunately, while making plans for home security, many people overlook some obvious things that can be detrimental to the safety of their property.  These are the top things to consider!  Only by watching for these mistakes can you take your home closer to being completely safe.

Keeping any Exterior Keys

We’ve all seen someone store keys under their welcome mat, above their doorway, or in one of those fake rocks that are incredibly popular, but it’s important to know that storing a door that gains access to your home outside of your property can be a fatal mistake.

Instead, give only trusted family members spare keys and keep track of anyone who has access to these keys.  Burglars have learned all of the most popular hiding spaces, can spot a fake rock from a mile away, and know that many people think they’re being sneaky: but they can foil these plans quickly.

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Windows Uncovered When You’re Not Home

If you have cameras, alarms, and every bell and whistle possible, but you still leave your windows uncovered when you’re not home, you’re asking for trouble.  Burglars don’t break into properties unless they’re sure they can win some money or goods from them.  When your windows are uncovered, even if they’re closed and locked, these shady individuals can look in and see if they can spot any gaming systems or expensive items they’d be able to sell.

Front Doors with an Obstructed View

The best home security systems can only protect you as far as you let them.  Don’t hinder these devices, and instead, make sure your entrances to your home are well-lit and clear of any shrubberies or bushes that would block their view from the street.  A burglar doesn’t want to spend the two to three minutes it takes for them to gain access to your property standing on a well-lit and clean porch.  This makes them an easy target for good samaritans who notice that something’s wrong.

Older Windows, Even if They’re Locked

If you have windows on your property that are leaking air and are over twenty years old: they’re a liability.  Although they’re already making you lose money through your energy bill, they’re also very easy to mess with to gain access to your home.  This could mean any window in your home, from smaller windows above your sink to a glass patio door.  Pay attention to how well these openings seal and if you’d trust them against a driven burglar.

Your home can be safe if you put in the work to make it safe.  By avoiding these common mistakes, viewing your property through the lens a burglar would, you can create a house that’s far less likely to get broken into and that you’ll be able to sleep through the night in!

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