3 Great Cities in Texas for Renters

Juliet D'cruz

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Many people flock to Texas as the next big state to live in, but few know much about the state outside of the cliches we get from the media.  Although this state does love its barbecue, and you may hear people drop ‘y’all’ in conversation every day: there’s a lot more to it than the cliche!

These are three awesome cities to rent in, and why they make Texas the great place it can be.

Why Texas?

If you’re curious about Texas but not sold yet- you’re not alone!  Many people think that this state is one type of person or lifestyle, but it’s more than that.  Every city and area has its personality, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get comfortable living here.  On top of everything, this is a far cheaper state to live in than anything on the west coast, and thanks to there being no state income tax in Texas: it’s even more affordable.


If you want to feel like you’re living in the center of the action, without all of the traffic and noise: it’s time to move to Arlington.  Home of the Texas Cowboys and dozens of fantastic concert venues and sports arenas, Arlington feels like it’s on center stage at all times.  Beyond the sports, apartments in Arlington, TX, are far cheaper than they would be in most states and a lot cheaper than the neighboring city of Dallas.  This town gives you the chance to enjoy the excitement of the city without having to wait an hour to go to and from work: and it’s fantastic.

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This suburb of Houston is a comfortable and quieter community than you’d expect.  Although you can still hop onto the highway to get downtown in no time, and the airport is less than twenty minutes away, spring feels like a step away from city living.  Not only is renting inexpensive here, but there are tons of options in houses, apartments, and any other kind of property you want. 


The capital of Texas, and one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, Austin offers a chance at living in an artistic and historic city that feels like a breath of fresh air.  The third-largest city in the state, with a population that doesn’t even reach a million, has the perfect mix of a smaller town and sprawling city planning that allows you to feel at home as soon as you arrive.  This is a tech industry-heavy city, so there are tons of jobs in many fields, ensuring that you’ll be able to do something you enjoy and get paid well for it.  This is an awesome place for families or single people.

Where You Rent Can Change Everything

Choosing the right city, the right neighborhood, and the right apartment can change every part of your state experience.  When you decide where to rent, pay attention to what you want out of an area, what interests you, and what you’re flexible on.  You deserve to live somewhere that makes you happy!

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