How Video Converters Impact Video Quality

Charlotte Miller

For experienced users who have been working with videos for many years, it is no secret that when converting them to different formats, there is a risk of losing the quality of the file. Beginners often forget about this problem and convert videos without following the rules. In this regard, to preserve the quality of frames, it may be necessary to perform the process of data compression and re-encoding, which takes a lot of effort and time.

At the moment, clips on various topics have flooded many platforms, so when creating an exciting movie, you need to carefully read the conversion rules and read about the best ways to get a lot more views on youtube that will help make your material successful. In this article, we will talk about ways to preserve the quality of a file when converting.

Best Ways to Maintain Video Quality When Converting

If you often encounter video to mp4 conversion, you should not forget about security measures that will help preserve their quality. It is important to understand that a high-quality video will attract much more attention from the audience and you will surely get success. There are different types of content on many video platforms, and you can do your research and see how much more views get from quality videos that have been carefully crafted. There are a huge number of options for how to do this, but some users are still not familiar with them. Our experts talked about effective ways to preserve the quality of the video during conversion, which you can read after reading this article to the end.

Convert Original Video

When converting a video, some data is often removed which affects the quality. The best way to avoid this is to convert the original video that you haven’t done anything with yet. Before starting the conversion process, you must save the original version of the file and make sure that no data has been lost or deleted. This method is the most elementary example of how beginners and professional users need to monitor the transport of material so as not to encounter negative consequences.

Set the Correct Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is one of the main nuances for converting video without quality loss. If you are converting on a mobile phone, be sure to find the correct aspect ratio by dividing your screen into a shorter side and setting the ratio parameters according to this data. It is important to remember that each device has a different screen size, so these data must be set based on specific indicators. If the wrong resolution is set, the video may have black bars on those sides where it is empty and the quality of the file will deteriorate significantly.

Save the Original Video

This method of preserving video quality during conversion is one of the most elementary. Before proceeding to the conversion process, be sure to save the original version of the file to save important data that affects quality. If you skip this point, you can significantly complicate the conversion process and you will have to perform a huge number of steps to return good quality. Make sure that you have saved the original video and only after that start further work with it. You can use Fonepaw converting software and take advantage of many features and tools to help you achieve incredible results.

Check Bitrate Height

Bitrate plays an important role in maintaining video quality when converting. In case the bitrate is not high enough, you may experience significant quality loss and compression. The choice of the optimal bitrate depends on the resolution you have set, however, if you plan to publish a video on a specific platform, it is important to take into account the requirements of the site, which are often stored in the settings. Do not forget that the bitrate should be relatively high, but at the same time match the resolution and other parameters of your file.

Avoid Frame Rate Adjustment

Each user who converts video is faced with the opportunity to set the necessary parameters and settings. However, adjusting the frame rate often degrades the quality of the video, so these actions should be avoided. While setting the resolution is a simple process, setting the frame rate is much more difficult because it requires removing some frames from the clip, which results in a loss of quality. In addition, your video may receive some delays and lags, which can make the process of watching your video unpleasant and distracting. Avoid adjusting the frame rate and your material will certainly remain high quality and get a lot of views from viewers.


In the process of working with video material, you may encounter a large number of difficulties that may later affect its success. Users who use video converters often forget that the use of such programs can significantly degrade the quality of the video. Some people don’t even realize that setting the correct resolution is so important, and for some, a low bitrate is the norm.

Do not turn a blind eye to such important nuances as saving the original file and much more. However, with the necessary skills and knowledge, you can be sure about the quality of your files and not worry about something going wrong. In this article, our experts shared some important tips on how to preserve the quality of frames during conversion and use software for this. Read the list carefully to the end and enjoy the incredible result.