The Best Ways To Get A Lot More Views On YouTube

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The Best Ways To Get A Lot More Views On YouTube

In a world where the video is becoming more important, every content marketer should put getting more views on YouTube near the top of their list of things to do.

Before you say it, let me say what everyone already knows: YouTube views don’t pay the bills. You’re not the only one who doesn’t want to spend time and money on a channel that doesn’t bring in direct ROI. Many marketers, under pressure to meet short-term goals, skip YouTube and put all of their money into paid search and paid social instead.

Some of us in marketing have an unhealthy fixation on analytics for YouTube, keeping tabs on too many. Specific indicators are more illuminating than others, but we all know this on some level.

What Makes A YouTube Video A “View”?

A view is tallied each time your video is played. However, if you keep refreshing to trick the system, YouTube will catch you. YouTube embeds, and Facebook-shared links will also be included in the tally of video views. YouTube also keeps track of live views.

The Best Ways To Get More Views On YouTube

Over a billion hours of YouTube content is viewed daily by people all over the world. Here’s how to get people’s attention and make you stand out.

Pay Attention To One YouTube Niche.

It can be tempting to post anything on YouTube, from do-it-yourself projects and hair tutorials to your latest crypto currency purchase. Since it’s your channel, there’s nothing wrong with switching things up now and then. Unfortunately, viewers think differently; they want videos about exciting things. To do this, you’ll need to find a niche you’re interested in and start making videos in that area.

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Write Strong Titles For Your YouTube Videos.

We have yet to start filming, which is fine. If you know your niche and have a list of suitable keywords, you can optimize your video titles to get more views on YouTube.

Of course, there’s more to a good title than just keywords. Also, it tells people:

  • What a video is about, and
  • Why should they care
  •  How the topic makes you feel

Most of the time, a bland title needs to be more specific. 

Use Things That Are Popular To Get More Views.

The key to making videos that become popular is to know which topics to focus on. Usually, this means staying in your niche, so your channel stays on point. Every video you post should be important to your audience, even if it doesn’t go viral.

Also, avoid posting about what’s popular now. You still need evergreen content to create value over time and keep getting views. 

Make Attractive Thumbnails For YouTube Videos.

Did you know that after you verify your YouTube channel, you can add your thumbnails to any video?

From the first day you have an account; you can verify the associated phone number and upload custom graphics immediately.

Optimize The Descriptions Of Your Videos

On your channel, your videos’ thumbnails and titles stand out more than the descriptions. Still, it would help if you had good reports to get more people to watch a YouTube video.

Start by writing short, sweet descriptions. Even though the description box can hold up to 5,000 characters, only the first 157 are shown to viewers. To read what’s left, they must click “show more.”

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