How to Improve Your Client base for Spa Business 

Juliet D'cruz

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How to Improve Your Client base for Spa Business 

As a captain at the helm of a spa, you are perhaps well aware that having a steady stream of clients is critical to the success of the enterprise. While it is great that you may have streamlined your spa business operations, created a robust loyalty program to achieve healthy client retention ratios, and are seeing a constant stream of revenue, you certainly have to be constantly on the look out to gather more clients. A constant stream of new clients and diverse clientele not only increase your revenue but also helps you in creating a more inclusive spa. In this article we delve upon ways, which can help you improve your client base, build relationships and have a robust foot fall. 

Offer First Time Specials

We start with the obvious. A client’s first visit to your spa is a special moment for them. Chances are that they have managed to overcome their anxiety to repose their faith in you and your team. Thus, it is important that you incorporate a strategy to acknowledge and reciprocate the trust. Make it a standard part of your spa business management strategy. From offering a warm welcome with a token gift to curating a one-time first visit discount, there are many tools to express your gratitude.  The basic idea behind the concept is that you are laying the red carpet for the client to walk in through that door. 


Offer Customized Solutions

A recent poll from RedPoint indicated that clients feel more connected to businesses, which offer them specific solutions to their problems. Your business data is a treasure trove of information, and when studied carefully can easily help you boost your client count. An easy way to accomplish this is to use a spa software, which stores a detailed profile of clients, including personal preferences and past purchase history. Some spa software such as Zenoti offers you and your team complete list of client preferences, as soon as a booking is made. Whether they like a warm towel or a welcome drink upon arrival to their choice of music and lighting, a spa management software can help you not only record every information but also make it readily available in just one tap. So, go right ahead to analyse that business data to create customized solutions.

Massage Heights, a pan US brand with 171 stores, deployed Zenoti spa management software and having leveraged the full benefits of CRM module is now able to easily stay in touch with the clients and also better predict their behaviour such thus enabling them to elevate guest experience. 

Reach Out to Lesser Served Client Groups

This one will need considerable work but when implemented correctly will help you have a completely new group of clients, and will vastly increase your client base. Various studies have indicated that most spas mostly stick to a particular demographic of clients. While it does makes sense to focus on a particular group as they are services, you shouldn’t limit your business potential. As a part of your spa business management strategy your business should be able to serve clients from all walks of life. So, get to the drawing board, think out of the box and come up with offerings to serve senior citizens, new mothers, LGBTQIA+ communities.  By offering bespoke services to members from these categories, not only will you vastly improve your client numbers, but also will gain word of mouth publicity. Wondering where to start? How about leveraging technology aka spa management software to create a poll and share it over your social media pages? 

Weave a tale

People love stories, so as a part of your digital marketing plan create a tale around your services. In the times when most people are on their gadgets they would rather watch than read. Thus, visual storytelling is the way to go. Videos, showing clips of treatment while explaining the procedure is an easy way to build confidence.  Consider, having your own YouTube Channel, wherein you can suggest tips and tricks for care between the visits to the spa. With prior permission of your clients, consider posting their before and after videos. True that creating video can be a laborious task, but it leaves a larger impact. 

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Manage your Online Reviews 

Almost every new client confesses to having looked up reviews online. As a result recording client feedback and managing the same should be an integral component of your spa business operations manual. While you cannot be completely safe from negative reviews, you can certainly reduce its impact by taking timely action. An easy way to manage reviews is by relying on automation. A spa management software can help you create a standard template of review, which can be automatically shared with the guest, on their devices, as soon as the check-out process is initiated. The trick is to keep it both brief and focused. Further, should you ever get a nasty review, a spa software can help you control the damage by automatically highlighting it to you and reminding you to respond to it. 

 Industry today, has been leveraging technology to create and drive highly effective marketing plans. Many spa management software such as Zenoti, MindBody, ZenPanner, Wellyx, Rosy come with a full-fledged marketing module to help business up their game.