How to Gift the Perfect Perfume

Juliet D'cruz

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Ask any man for advice on what to get a spouse for their anniversary, and they’ll give you the usual suspects. Flowers, chocolates, wine, promises you don’t intend to keep, or perfumes. If you want to give the gift of fragrance to your significant other, you may be wondering how to choose the right one in a flooded, overwhelming market.

If that’s the case, then never you fear! Our helpful guide will tell you everything you need to know to give the perfect perfume to your loved one for whatever special occasion calls for it.

Consider the Fragrances They Already Wear

If you want to find the perfect perfume for your loved one, you could do worse than one they already wear. Many people have a favorite scent, so having more of it is always welcome. This goes double if the scent in question is rare or expensive!

The Perfect Perfume Starts With Proper Research

If you don’t know someone’s signature scent, then finding the right fragrance starts with research. Think about the scents they surround themselves with. Do they love burning lavender incense or burning forest-scented candles? You can use those as inspiration. 

Consider a Sampler Set or Flight of Fragrance

Not every fragrance fits every occasion. So, if you want to give someone a unique fragrance for every outing, then consider giving a gift set or flight of perfumes from a site like

When Gifting Perfume, Go for Popular and Sustainable

Not sure how to choose perfume for a gift? If you’re not sure what they’ll appreciate, you can always ask the sales attendants what the most popular scents of the year are. They’ll be more than happy to offer you some direction towards scents both trendy and timeless.

However, if you want to buy perfume, you should make an effort to choose sustainable scents. The fragrance industry has gone through a serious revamp over the past few years in an effort to make perfume production less harmful to the environment. So, when researching for the perfect perfume, consider adding sustainability to your list of must-have traits.


Let Your Unique Fragrance Dry Out Before You Buy

If you decide to buy someone a perfume that they don’t already own, make sure you give the scent some time to air out before you make the final purchase. Perfumes, by design, have top, middle, and bottom notes that come to prominence as the fragrance dries out.

Something with appealing top notes might have strident or harsh middle or bottom ones. If that happens, your perfect perfume might make those around your loved one hold their noses.

Need More Help Finding the Right Fragrance?

Gifting the perfect perfume and finding the right fragrance for your loved ones can be tricky. However, if you use scents they already use and like as a guideline, it’s hard to go wrong. And if you need more tips, don’t hesitate to check out our blog each day for more helpful and informative articles like this one!

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