How to Communicate With a Team: Custom Magnetic Dry Erase Boards and More

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How to Communicate With a Team

Teamwork can be the cornerstone of project success, but to maximize its potential you require effective communication among its members.

Verbal communication may take place either face to face or through video conferencing; however, nonverbal cues should also be considered when engaging in dialogue.

Dry erase boards

Dry erase boards offer teams an efficient way to quickly capture ideas, provide feedback and share results. 

There is a variety of sizes and styles available to meet various needs – magnetic surfaces are great for hanging memos and photos as well as tracking shifts with block schedules or as spaces to display student work.

Material choice also plays a key role in the board’s functionality. Melamine surfaces are less expensive but more prone to ghosting and staining; painted steel boards offer stylish back-painting capabilities and are long-term durable enough for regular use. 

Tempered glass whiteboards offer more visual appeal than their wooden counterparts, yet can be more cumbersome to ship. Due to this added weight and fragility, they require special handling in order to avoid scratches or breaks during shipment.

Although a whiteboard can serve multiple purposes, its performance will be optimized when used with appropriate markers. Avoid low-odor markers as these may leave permanent stains or ghosting effects behind on your board surface. 

Furthermore, be sure to review cleaning instructions for your particular whiteboard – some require the use of specific cleaners! You can visit this site: for more information.

Melamine or plastic whiteboards

Whiteboards are essential tools for teachers looking to enhance student learning experiences in the classroom, company executives preparing a brainstorm session or parents managing busy family schedules. 

There’s sure to be one suitable for every situation out there! With an abundance of materials, styles and sizes to choose from there’s sure to be one perfect for every situation. In fact, custom printed magnetic dry erase boards can be tailored specifically to your goals or organization. This can help create a communication area that can benefit your team. 

Porcelain whiteboards provide a more durable surface that’s less porous, so markers won’t ghost as easily. 

Unfortunately, porcelain boards tend to be more costly than their melamine counterparts and require proper wall preparation including painting, sanding and cleaning before curing for at least 24 hours prior to being mounted using picture-hanging strips to avoid drilling holes in walls.

An antimicrobial dry erase board is ideal for hospital and healthcare environments where germs thrive. You can learn more about antimicrobial properties by clicking the link. A traditional melamine whiteboard may scratch and dent over time, providing ideal places for bacteria to hide in hospitals.

Wall-mounted or freestanding whiteboards

Whiteboards serve as an invaluable resource for brainstorming, teaching and illustrating ideas; these can be used as an endless canvas space for quick idea development. This feature sets whiteboards apart from software tools in which users must physically draw every item added to a visual timeline thereby slowing progress significantly.

Whiteboards offer many advantages to teams by being inclusive to all members. This helps improve internal relations by inviting BA’s, developers and testers into the development process; and encourages teamwork and collaboration. However, their visibility may make some individuals feel exposed when sketching quickly on it in front of colleagues.

This can be addressed by introducing more informal whiteboards for project teams or one to ones, with soft seating that encloses them for client meetings or team collaboration. A freestanding wall with such soft seating provides a small area dedicated to team collaboration or client meetings.

Modular whiteboard walls provide greater versatility for various office environments, thanks to their contemporary frameless design and modular sections that can be combined and modified according to space needs. Each module comes complete with its own writing surface allowing plenty of room for recording thoughts.

Orientation and ease of mounting

Teamwork is at the core of any successful business, but effective communication is just as integral to that success. 

To communicate successfully, a team must pay attention to nonverbal cues and body language; be open-minded towards other opinions; be concise when communicating; use appropriate mediums when sending out messages; be respectful when using negative language; be responsive when responding to feedback if any arises; listen attentively and respond immediately after.

Teams communicate using various formats, including verbal and written communications. Verbal exchanges include video or phone calls, team meetings and 1-to-1 conversations as well as casual water cooler conversations and any tone of voice or body language used to express oneself.

Written communication includes emails, project management tools, paper documents and visual aids such as slides or videos for meetings and training. Visuals make difficult concepts simpler to grasp; therefore they play an integral part of team collaboration. But remember, communication is more than simply passing along information; rather it should encourage action to bring positive changes into the workplace.

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