How Much Gold Can You Keep At Home?

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Gold is gold! Nothing comes close to it in terms of value and this makes it one, if not the most esteemed precious metal. One of the amazing things about it is how it has remained valuable over the years.

Many investment schemes have come and gone. They have had their high points, then the lows, before fizzling out. Well, Gold is not this way. It is capable of appreciating as we have seen over time.

It even has a way of doing this when economic realities are difficult. This is even why national governments through their central banks and other associations have a huge stockpile of this precious metal.

For example, many national governments went on a buying spree of this precious metal before the covid-19 virus fully hit the world. This was about having a hedge against the economic crisis that was looming and that finally came. For information backing up this claim, you can read this article.

If national governments can recognize the possibilities that come with investment in this precious metal, then regular citizens need to know as well. Many are aware but still have loads of questions that need to be answered before they make their investment move.

One of such questions is how much of this precious metal can be stored at home. You should keep reading if you want answers to questions like this.

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How Much Gold Can a Person Keep at Home?

The amount that can be kept at home or even the possibility of keeping it at home depends on several factors. Some of them include the following:

The Investment Method

There are so many benefits that come with investing in this precious metal. However, you need to understand that its profitability and other things are relative. This is because investment in gold can play out via various means.

On this note, investing in this precious metal using the (self-directed) IRA scheme is one of the most profitable. Many advantages come with investing in it using this scheme. One of the advantages is tax privileges.

However, there are regulations binding on investors and service providers that enable these investors to invest in gold. One of the regulations has to do with storage.

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) considers home storage a violation of regulations binding on investors or account holders as it were. At the very least, the penalty is the same for those that withdraw early.

However, you can eventually store your assets yourself when you attain a particular age. So, as profitable as investing using the IRA scheme is for this purpose, there are restrictions when it comes to home storage.

Other than home storage, even the purchase of gold and other accepted precious metals have to be through a licensed custodian. For more information about this, you can visit:

But other than the IRA scheme, many other gold investment avenues do not have a problem if you choose to store your purchased assets yourself. However, there are still other things that determine how much of this precious metal you would be able to store at home. For more on this, you should pay particular attention to the next few points.


Have you asked yourself why some people keep their gold and other precious metal assets with special storage facilities? This is especially true if they could store it at home without penalties.

Well, one of the major reasons for this is security. Gold is an investment asset and a very valuable one at that. For this reason, some people would be willing to do as much as steal and hurt to lay hands on it. So, you need to be security conscious.

The amount of this precious metal that you store at home (if you even do) should depend on security. You need to have measures in place to protect this asset of yours. Sometimes, this is just more than having a specially built safe.


Theft is the last thing that you want to happen. This is because of the sacrifices you have made to invest in the first place. It is also because of the huge value of the precious metal asset in question.

However, a backup plan is needed to make sure you do not lose entirely if this happens. This is where the concept of insurance comes in.

Should you decide to indulge in self-storage, you should ask yourself if you have sufficient insurance coverage. This should determine if or how much gold you eventually store in your home.

More often than not, insurance companies understand the odds that face people that self-store gold and other precious metals. This is why getting an insurer to sufficiently cover such a person in the event of theft is a daunting task.

Should You Self-Store Your Gold?

You are strongly advised not to self-store your gold. The odds are simply too much and you are better off using the services of a special storage service provider. Even if your asset is stolen while in their facility, there is still the insurance benefit.

Be that as it may, you are advised to work with a good precious metal depository for this purpose. Some of the things that can help you determine how good the depository is, include the following:

  • How Secure the facility is
  • Approved by pertinent authorities
  • Insurance coverage
  • Storage charges

So, you should use these as a yardstick for choosing the right depository. The point here is that dealing with a depository for this purpose seems like a better option than self-storage of gold and other precious metal assets you have.

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Wrap Up

Gold investors should not only be bothered with how to store gold at home but if or how much they can self-store. This is about making informed decisions as an investor in precious metal assets.

Answers to this question have been discussed here by shedding light on some factors. In light of what you have learned here, you are advised to play safe by storing your precious metal assets in a good depository.