7 Popular Emojis Used to Celebrate Halloween

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7 Popular Emojis Used to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is one of the most widely recognized and beloved holidays that’s observed in different countries worldwide. Every year on October 31st, people wake up and get ready to face a day filled with trick-or-treating and candies, pumpkin carving and haunted houses, spooky decorations and costumes, and many more. At least, that’s what we envision it to be as Halloween traditions may differ from one country to another. Despite this, there’s one digital way to show off your Halloween spirit, and it’s through emojis.

This spooky holiday may be months away, but that should not stop you from knowing all these emojis. From the vampire to the skull face emoji, there are plenty to use when sending a message or sharing a social media post to celebrate the most frightening time of the year. In this article, you will find a list of the available Halloween emojis you are free to use. 

Ghost Emoji

One of the representative symbols of Halloween, this emoji shows a figure in white with a goofy or cartoonish look. The eyes appear to be two round black spots, and the whole body is shaped like a bubble or a teardrop. Did you know that plenty of people think that ghosts are real? 

The ongoing debate is that there’s no evidence that ghosts do exist, but people have invented and used various equipment to investigate places known to be haunted. From night vision goggles to thermal imaging cameras and more, they explore at nighttime in hopes of catching a glimpse and collecting evidence of a real ghost. 

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Skull Face Emoji

Introduced back in 2010, this emoji is often confused with the skull and crossbones emoji. While both show a cartoonish-looking human skull with teeth, a triangular nose, and two black eye sockets, the latter has two bones peeking right behind it. The most common use for the skull face emoji is related to spooky things, hence its popularity during Halloween. However, it may also be used to express other emotions such as frustration, anger, and figuratively dying from extreme laughter.

Zombie Emoji

In 2017, the world was introduced to one of the scary emojis they can use today – the zombie. With its two arms stretched out as if it’s trying to reach the viewer, this emoji shows the undead with decaying green (or sometimes gray) skin and available in different gender variations. 

Filmmaker George A. Romero was one of the many who made zombies famous through his Night of the Living Dead film series. People came to love zombie-related television series such as The Walking Dead and popular films like 28 Days Later, Zombieland, and others. 

Vampire Emoji

Frequently used especially around Halloween, this emoji shows a classic vampire with pointed fangs that we all know they use to consume the blood of its prey – humans. Wearing a black cape, this emoji varies in color and design depending on the platform. It may have a deeper meaning for some, but other times, it’s used to stand for vampire movies such as Interview with the Vampire and the Twilight films, as well as television series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Jack-O-Lantern Emoji

Also known as the pumpkin, this emoji shows an orange pumpkin carved with a scary face in front of it. Although often used during Halloween, it can be used for other things – for example, when talking about a scary story with friends and others. Popular in the United States, pumpkin carving became a yearly holiday tradition used to scare away evil spirits from one’s home. Hence, they are placed in front of doors and windows. 

Spider Web Emoji

This emoji depicts a cartoonish-looking spider web created by a spider but in digital form. Often used alongside the spider emoji, the common use for it is to refer to spiders and cobwebs literally. It invokes spooky feelings as many people thought of spiders, as well as the webs they spun to be scary. It could also be used to refer to spider-related films or television series such as Spiderman.   

Goblin Emoji

It may be your first time hearing about this emoji, but it’s the Japanese folklore character or goblin called Tengu. A red mask with a menacing look, bushy mustache and eyebrows, angry eyes, and incredibly long nose, this emoji is often used to represent supernatural beings. It could also be used to refer to feelings such as mischievousness, naughtiness, or anger. 


These are just some of the emojis you can use to express your love for Halloween. Although a few months away, you can still use these for anything spooky-related feelings you may want to convey or topics you want to discuss with family and friends. Share it through a text, a tweet, a Facebook or Instagram caption, or even in your TikTok videos. 

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