How Long Will It Take To Install My Roof?

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How Long Will It Take To Install My Roof?

You need a roof replacement. You want it done quickly and efficiently with little disruption to your daily life. But will your roofer get around to you soon enough? You don’t want to wait weeks for roof replacement, especially if the weather is terrible. There’s also the chance that poor weather conditions could delay the work. 

Colony Roofers offering roof replacement services have a reputation for speedy and efficient service and will install the roof in 1-2 days. They can turn up when you want them, do the job to a high standard and get out without making a mess. It saves you both time and money. Read to learn the time it takes for roof installation.

Roofing Installation process

The roof installation process is a lot more involved than you might think. Here’s what happens:

  • Tear the old roof, then remove any nails or screws attached to the framing of your home.
  • Install drip edge. A drip edge helps prevent water from running down the underside of your new roof and into your home, which can cause damage due to mold and other issues.
  • Put underlayment. Underlayment is a thin layer of material underneath the shingles and helps them attach better to each other. It also keeps moisture out, so you don’t have to worry about leaks!
  • Use felt paper on the roof shingles. It prevents water from leaking into your shingles and increases fire rating.
  • Waterproof the valleys. It directs water away from sipping into the roof.
  • Install starter shingles. These are the first layer of shingles covering the entire roof. They overlap and are1/2 wide, preventing water from sipping into the seams.
  • Install the shingles in an overlapping manner. Once your shingles are on, you’ll need to trim and caulk them off for a seamless look.

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Factors Affecting the Roofing Installation Time

Many factors affect the time to install a roof.

  • The roofing contractor you hire and their experience will greatly impact how long it takes to install your roof. If you’re installing a metal roof, then it can take much more time than installing regular shingles. 
  • Amount of work. If there is only minor damage, it may take just one day. If there is extensive damage, it could take several days or even weeks before the installation begins.
  • Roofing materials. The material used on your roof significantly impacts the time it takes to install the roof. For example, if you choose slate shingles for your home, this will take longer than if you choose asphalt shingles or metal roofs. It is because slate shingles are heavier and require more labor to install.
  • The size of your home impacts how long it takes to install a new roof. If you have a larger home with square footage, it will take longer than a smaller home with less square footage to install new roofing material.
  • Weather affects how long it takes for the roof to installation. If it rains, then the roofer has to wait until it stops raining before they can finish installing your roof. 
  • The availability of materials. If there are insufficient nails or other supplies at the job site, they will have to wait until more supplies arrive before they can continue working on your home’s new roof.

What Mistakes Happen During Roofing Installation

Without a good roof, you could be in a world of trouble. It protects you from the elements, keeps unwanted pests, and maintains your home’s structural integrity.

Here are common mistakes you can make when planning for roof installation:

  • Choosing an unlicensed contractor. You should always check if they have a license before signing anything. If they don’t have one, it’s probably best to look elsewhere because they will not be able to offer any financial protection if something goes wrong with their workmanship.
  • Not checking references – It’s also essential to ask for references from previous clients before hiring someone new to get an idea of whether or not they’ll meet all your needs during the installation process. 

While it’s true that every roof installation is different, there are key elements to consider when determining how long your roof will take to install. Some of the biggest factors include weather, type of installation, number of people installing the roof, and the region where you live. Weather can often delay installation from taking place. Sometimes, it could be an entire week before the weather cooperates enough to complete the job—generally, roof installation takes 1-2 days.

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