How Free Online Certification Can Benefit Your Career

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How Free Online Certification Can Benefit Your Career

You must have noticed how popular upskilling and reskilling are right now. Corporate executives are aware of the high cost of staff turnover. Employers invest in their workers in much more ways than just paying salaries. They also spend money on their recruitment, orientation, and development. McKinsey has discovered that around 70% of enterprises are investing more in skill development now than they did before COVID-19. So it comes as no surprise that so many business leaders are focusing on skills. Upskilling training might be economical in this situation. 

Here, it is important to note that upskilling employees isn’t the sole responsibility of organizations. Individuals are equally responsible for taking this initiative. Today, a number of elearning platforms are available to help professionals find a course of their choice and gain the in-demand digital skills of the present times. You would be relieved to know that many reputed universities, as well as established technology firms, have also joined the e-learning bandwagon and offer high-quality courses on a variety of subjects. In fact, if you want to learn the basics of any new technology, then you can choose from free online courses offered on such training platforms and then decide whether you want to take a paid course or not. 

This article gives you a clear idea regarding the free online certification and how they benefit your career in the long run. 

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Benefits of Free Online Certification Courses

When you are suggested by any colleague or friend to invest in a free online course, then you may be skeptical initially. This is because the internet today is loaded with massive information and finding a course that best matches your learning needs can be quite overwhelming. There are tons of ebooks, webinars, YouTube videos, and other online tutorials available free of cost over the internet. But as one goes on to explore these resources, they are disappointed with the poor quality study materials offered by them. 

However, not every resource is the same; there are certain reliable free resources to help you fulfill your upskilling goals. For example, the tech giant Google has a dedicated Digital Garage platform where you will find several valuable online courses designed by experts working in the company. Similarly, IBM has a platform called where you can learn about data science, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence for free. 

Now that we have piqued your interest let us give you some more convincing reasons to opt for free online certification courses.

Learn from world-class instructors 

Here, we are not talking about any random instructor you found on YouTube. When you head over to platforms like Google Digital Garage, edX, Coursera, and SkillUp (Simplilearn), you will find that the courses are designed by industry experts with rich domain experience. If the courses are designed in partnership with a certain university, then the classes are taken by the seasoned faculty of that prestigious institute. This means you will receive guaranteed quality guidance.

Get a learning buddy 

With free online courses, you get access to video lectures that usually simplify complex concepts so that students can rapidly understand them. A career preparation module is another component of the course that is very beneficial for landing the first job. Some free courses also cover sessions on aptitude, interview preparation, and soft skills as part of career assistance. Overall, it seems you have a learning buddy to help you remain engaged throughout the course. 

Helps grab the attention of hiring managers 

Training providers like SkillUp by Simplilearn or Cognitive Class also offer a course completion certificate when a learner finishes all their learning modules and works on the projects assigned (if any). This certificate demonstrates that you have gone through the rigorous study process and gained the right skills. Your resume will then get preference over your non-certified peers. And if you can confidently talk about the skills you developed through a free course, then you are more likely to be hired. 

Enhance your practical knowledge

Free courses are not just limited to theoretical classes these days. Platforms like Codecademy and TryHackMe give learners a chance to work on real-world scenarios in gamified labs in the browser itself without any need to install any additional software. This means that the concepts you learn through video lectures can be applied to solve industry-specific problems, thereby improving your practical knowledge. 

Try before you invest 

There are times when you want to learn something new but aren’t sure whether you can pursue it as a career or not. In such a case, investing in a paid course may not be a viable option. With a free course, you will get a basic understanding of the subject. Based on your perception, you can decide whether your skills match the new domain or not. If yes, you can be more confident about pursuing a paid course and getting the career benefits you want. 

Going through the points mentioned above, it is safe to say that free online certification courses or learn at free learning app are worth your time and effort, given you pursue them from the right training provider. So what are you waiting for? Pick a course of your choice and kickstart your upskilling journey. 

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