How can I get glowing skin in summer?

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Summer is the most marvelous time to get those extra kilos down. Yes, whether you workout or not, the summer squeezes all that sweat and gifts you some body odour. To feel fresh, regular showering and some skin care products, along with the goodness of certain home recipie can save your skin, throughout the summer heat and pollution. Here are certain power packed points on how to get glowing skin in the scorching sun outside and intense perspiration in the shades.

With these tips, face the summer with confidence and have fun by following them correctly. The skin care routines are easy to schedule and practice on your own. A little bit of the “my skin” time is what you need, to be fearless in the summer sun out there. This is how you can take care of your skin and inspire others over the much enquired issue of, how to get glowing skin in the dry, humid and hot summers.

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Home remedies for Summer Skin

The following items are well known in the circles of summer care procedures at home. Do it for yourself and offer others as well. They keep your skin hydrated and smooth along with happiness and strong bonds between you and your family or friends.

  1. Face masks could be prepared en masse with natural ingredients in your organic kitchen collection, or the kitchen garden. Rosewater, lemon extract, aloe-vera gel, milk, honey, tiny brown sugar cubes (for exfoliation), cucumber slices, calamine and so on. Their combination or individual application is really nice. They cleanse the skin pores, cool the skin surface and also moisturize and repair the damage, such as sun burns to perfect health masking at least once a day.
  2. Facial serums concentrate on the delivery of targeted nutrients at the microscopic level, and regulate the melanin pigment production in the skin cells. That helps to lighten the skin tone, adding to the natural glow of your skin.

Choose a specific serum checking out its contents before carrying them home. Anti-aging, vitamin loaded, hyperpigmentation regulation are some of the hits.

  1. A good post shower body lotion for arms and legs is embalming for the skin. Overnight application is preferred for proper absorption and relaxing the skin from having faced the dry or humid summer heat. That resets the metabolic clock of the skin surface to get ready for yet another day.

Summer Kit: Skin care products for Summers

Some products are indispensable when it comes to proper skin care in summers. 

  1. Adventure lovers and busy heads with no time to prepare face masks with homely ingredients, can go for the readily available face mask pastes in the market. These are in huge varieties, so do not get lost in the beauty of their packaging tubes. Go for hydrating and cleansing, double action face masks which come with antibacterial properties. Check out the product description and fix one, suitable to your skin type.
  2. Moisturizers for oily skin types are unavoidable. But in summer, dryness is a challenge for the oily skin types too. Thus after face wash, pat dry your skin, apply the serum. Wait for sometime and then apply your favorite moisturizing cream.
  3. To get the body odour and sweat hotspots under control, get a deodorant. Smelling good for the long summer days is way too lovely. That confidence brightens your face as well. You can use perfumes too according to your tastes, whether you go for strong or mild scents.
  4. Carry your epilator if on a travel mode or use them at home, to get rid of the body hair. The presence of body hair on your skin, harbours sweat, oil and their combination with dust; resulting in sebum accumulation, bacterial growth and appalling body odour.

Above all, keep your clothes clean. They are the second layer of skin you wear up. As summer dryness can be of many types such as hot dry winds and humid sweaty summer days, you would never want your clothes to be infested by fungal and bacterial pockets. They could spread to your skin as well, if it comes in contact. Wash them after wearing them once, dry them and store them. 


Summer vacations at home with your family or travel with buddies across the states, these all require that you are safe and healthy. Grab the best for a healthy diet, with fluid content for the sake of your beautiful skin texture. Tanning and exploring becomes fun only when your skin is glowing, clear and radiating. Otherwise that could become the absolute nightmare you try to avoid.

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