Best Ways To Combat Pollution As A Common Individual 

Juliet D'cruz

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Saving the environment is not just reserved for environmental activists or billion-dollar companies. Everyone, irrespective of their wealth or status, can do their part in saving the environment. Even doing something small and discreet can add up to big changes in years. In a modern and diverse country such as the UK, people would expect the government to play its part in protecting nature. But sadly, that is not the case. Foldable metallic straws were the trend once, followed by a new one where people use a reusable coffee cup in the UK during their daily commute. What does this indicate? This means that it’s not the government, the billionaires or the huge corporations that can help, but normal individuals! No amount of money can change the growing rate of pollution in the UK but the actions and habits of people can. That is why this article highlights some of the best things a person can do anywhere to curb the threat of urbanisation in nature. 

  1. Using Reusable Straws and Cups: Reducing the amount of plastic used daily can lead to a significant decrease when considering a community or a city. In 2018, almost 2.26 million metric tonnes of plastic ended up as wastes in the country with plastic being the most common type of litter found. Using a metallic foldable straw can cut down the use of plastic straws every time someone enters a cafe or a juice stall. Using reusable cups like a reusable coffee cup in the UK can also minimise the need for plastic cups for coffee or tea. For a day, cutting them down may seem insignificant, but add them throughout the year and they create a tremendous difference. Always use reusable containers and water bottles and when entering a shop, bring a bag instead of buying a plastic one and throwing it away.


  1. Save Water: Always use less water and close all taps and leaks if possible. Using eco-friendly toilets and showers are also beneficial as they have been found to reduce the consumption of water significantly. Always take an effort to buy tap heads or shower heads that are energy efficient. They will help cut down the water bills and also do an important role in saving water. 
  2. Transport Habits: Daily commutes are always cheap when using public transports and more relaxing too. Only use private vehicles when in need and try to reduce the consumption of fuel as much as possible. Air pollution is still the number one pollution in the UK next to plastic waste pollution. 
  3. Energy Efficient Devices: Switch to LEDs and use devices that consume less energy than regular equipment. A better idea would be installing solar panels if financially stable as solar panels reduce the electric costs by a great margin. 

There are also other more active ways for people to play their part in protecting the environment. Take a look at some of them below:

  1. Taking some time to plant trees around the house, in public places if possible and wherever necessary. 
  2. Building a compost pit or treatment plants for the house or the whole community. 
  3. Taking part in volunteering work that aims to promote environmental education and awareness. This is a good way to spread awareness regarding environmental pollution too. 
  4. Be more educated regarding the environment and how different activities affect nature. The more informed a person gets, the better they can fight pollution. 
  5. Donate a small amount to any organisation that works in protecting the environment and saving nature. 
  6. Always support leaders who tackle climate change and pollution.

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