Franck Muller Timepieces: The Big Leap Against Traditional Watches

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Luxury watches, if you would notice, are all exuding timeless elegance and simplicity. It is because most are used for formal occasions, business events, and those serious themes. The said design becomes obsolete when it comes to Franck Muller’s line of wristwatches. He had definitely made its style a different one and had drawn the crow to its beauty.

Franck Muller was already well-recognized in the world of horology prior to the establishment of the House of Franck Muller in 1991. Upon completing his watchmaking studies at Geneva’s l’École d’Horlogerie de Genève, he was assigned to the Patek Philippe Museum to restore timepieces. Within a short time, he created one-of-a-kind watches with an attractive aesthetic he designed under his name. Keep reading as we reveal some of the great things that you need to know about Franck Muller.

The Customized Rolex by Franck Muller

The Rolex Perpetual Calendar is one of a kind; no other example of it is known to exist. Why would we mention Rolex when we’re talking about Franck Muller’s brand? It is just to stress the point of how excellent Muller is as a watchmaker. To make it clear, the mentioned timepiece was an original Rolex Datejust and was further customized by Muller himself with a perpetual calendar complication.

According to the story, the watchmaker intended to produce a particular timepiece for a close friend even before establishing his own business. So he added a month and leap year indication, a data counter, a day indicator, and a moon phase indicator to a yellow gold Rolex Datejust with the 3135 movement while keeping the 36mm case. Genius, right? The timepiece, which has only been seen on Jay-Z, has been observed on multiple occasions by viewers, including CNN, where he wore it.

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He is the Master of Complications

Success doesn’t depend on your years of existence in this world. This line particularly represents Franck Muller as he has set record-breaking watches at a young age. Perhaps younger people have modern ideas that blend well with the trend, eh? His most well-known design is the Crazy Hours complication, which shows the time in an, apparently, irrational manner. That, however, just makes it more attractive; it conveys time in a unique, captivating way.

Another one is his world’s first tri-axial tourbillon – the Revolution 3. And what about the masterpiece Aeternitas Mega? It has 36 complications and 1,483 parts! What clever craftsmanship, indeed. In addition, here’s the Giga Tourbillon that featured the largest tourbillon of 200mm in a watch, about twice as big as a regular tourbillon.

The Double Mystery Timepiece

Having a unique timepiece is one of the goals that every watchmaker aims to produce. So, together with Vartan Sirmakes, a well-known jeweler from Armenia and co-founder of this brand, they launched Double Mystery. It is the first-ever timepiece that introduced such a design that no other brand has done before.

The Double Mystery draws attention to the delicate craftsmanship of diamond setting and mixes elegant technique and sophisticated mechanics. Double Mystery had built a solid customer base because of the novel time display technology that had replaced the hands with two revolving discs that included arrow-shaped indicators. Patented in 1998, this technology is an illustration of technological achievement.

His Own Watch Exhibit

During SIHH and Baselworld, the famous watchmakers show off their new models, but Franck Muller has been showcasing its line of watches for 29 years at its own watch exhibition. Moreover, it has distanced itself from other luxury watch brands by the level of uniqueness of its designs, as well as by developing its watch fair, the WPHH — the World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie.

The WPHH aims to showcase the latest releases from the brand’s collection of luxury timepieces. These presentations are specifically for individuals working in their respective fields and for the worldwide press. One of them is  Aeternitas Mega, the most complicated watch globally. The WPHH event saw as many as 1,400 attendees visit.

Franck Muller Pays Tribute to Malaysia

Franck Muller developed numerous homage watches throughout the years, but he also pays tribute and includes the limited-edition Vanguard Harimau created for Malaysia. This watch is a commemorative design to celebrate its 60th year of independence in 2017. It has the fearsome Malayan tiger, known for its courage and ferocity, prominently featured at the dial’s center. It is a symbol for both the brand and the country.

Final Thoughts

Franck Muller has set the watch industry on fire as it released spectacular timepieces that no other brand took the courage to do so. Just imagine the designs and the complications that he’s done. Indeed, people who seek peculiarity in styles could be mesmerized by this stunning brand.

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