Don’t Let A Disaster Ruin Your Home Or Business – Water Damage Restoration Services Can Help!

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Don't Let A Disaster Ruin Your Home Or Business - Water Damage Restoration Services Can Help!

Disaster strikes when you least expect it. Any source of water damage can bring a business or home to its knees, be it a burst pipe or a leaky roof. Too much moisture can cause a crack in plaster or drywall, loosen cabinet pulls, warp hardwood floors, damage insulation, promote the growth of mold and mildew, and damage your family’s health. 

Contacting a water damage restoration service with decades of experience in all of Portland, Oregon, is essential. They’ll know how to clean up after a flood to protect unscathed property from damage, save what can be repaired, and remove all water and moisture from your home. Read on to learn how water damage restoration services can help.

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Restoration Companies  Fix Damage Quickly

If there is water damage in your home or business, you will want to get it fixed soon. The longer you wait to hire a restoration company, the more likely mold will grow inside your walls or elsewhere on your property which could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

They Have Experience Working with Insurance Companies

They specialize in working with insurance companies to ensure that they provide fair compensation for repairs made to your home or business due to water damage. Insurance companies often try lowball claims and give homeowners less than they deserve, but the team knows how to push back against this treatment!

They Have Training In Property Restoration

Water damage gets caused by a burst pipe, sewer backup, or floods. Professionals have training and experience that enables them to restore your property to its original condition quickly and efficiently.

For example, mold can grow on any wet surface, which can be hazardous for your health if you don’t get rid of it. Professionals know how to get rid of mold by vacuuming or using bleach. Also, structural damage needs repair before you can start cleaning up other areas of your home or business. If you don’t know what you’re doing regarding property restoration, you could end up doing more harm.

They are Licensed and Insured

Before hiring someone, ensure they are licensed and insured. An experienced company will have all its licenses to provide all types of services needed after a disaster, such as water, fire, or hurricane.

They need to be members of the IICRC. It means they have met their high standards for training, equipment use, practice, and professionalism.

They Have the Best Technology

Water damage restoration experts use several tools to assess the extent of your damage and determine the best course of action. They use infrared cameras that can see through walls and find hidden leaks; moisture meters that measure how much moisture is present in the air. They also use blowers and dehumidifiers to dry out areas quickly. More advanced technology, such as heat lamps, fans, and dehumidifiers with built-in sensors, alert technicians when an area is dry enough for cleanup.

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They Help You Save Money

Water damage is expensive! It can get even worse if you do something about it quickly. The longer you wait to remove water, the more expensive it becomes – and that doesn’t even consider the potential health risks involved with mold growth.

Water restoration experts could help save time and money because they have all the necessary equipment that would otherwise not be available if you were trying to fix it on your own. These types of equipment include:

  • Superior water extraction tools
  • Dehumidification equipment to control humidity
  • Steam cleaning and carpet cleaning equipment
  • air moving equipment, fans and drying equipment

Protect Your Home from Floods

Water damage restoration services can help you get your home back to normal by installing a  sump pump if you live in an area that floods. A sump pump pumps water out of your basement or crawlspace. It’s essential for keeping the water out of your home and reduces the chances of flooding during heavy rains.

They can also install a backflow valve; it keeps water from entering your home by preventing it from going backward through a pipe tube instead of through pipes that go outside near ground level (like sewer lines).

Minor leaks may be less dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you want them around. If your home has these leaks, you must hire a restoration company to take care of the problem before significant damage occurs. While no single service will return the affected areas to their original condition, modern technologies can be invaluable.