Do Truck Accident Cases in Shepherdsville Go to Court?

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Do Truck Accident Cases in Shepherdsville Go to Court?

The majority of truck accident cases in Shepherdsville don’t go to trial. The parties involved often reach settlements out of court before a lawsuit is even filed. A Shepherdsville Truck Accident Lawyer will represent injured victims in legal negotiations with the insurance company of the party at fault. For a truck accident case to be settled fairly, the circumstances of the victim and the extent of their injuries must be demonstrated. 

When a Case Can Go to Court

Very few truck accident claims in the city end up in court. But a case can go to trial due to some factors such as:

  • The negligent party denies fault. If the at-fault driver does not take accountability for the crash or reduces their share of fault, the injured victim may need to take the case to court. When this happens, a jury or judge gives a verdict and decides on compensation. 
  • When many parties are involved. Truck accident cases that involve several parties are quite complex. Apart from the trucker and their employer, other parties such as a parts manufacturer and a cargo company can also be responsible for a truck accident. And if these parties deny fault, settling the dispute may only be possible in court. 
  • The victim sustained serious injuries. Usually, victims of truck accidents sustain devastating injuries like back and neck injuries, fractures, and internal damage. Rectifying these injuries can take several treatments, which will be a significant financial burden on the injured party. Because of this, the victim will want to pursue all damages available to them. If the at-fault party refuses to pay the compensation sought by the victim, then the case might end up in trial. 

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What an Attorney Can Do

A truck accident lawyer will determine the party that must be held responsible for the accident and examine their share of responsibility. The lawyer will scan police reports, get testimonies from witnesses and experts, as well as review documents. Also, they will collect strong evidence that shows negligence and damages. An experienced attorney will seek a reasonable settlement offer for the victim through negotiations. The lawyer will inform the victim of related deadlines on their case like the statute of limitations on truck accident lawsuits. 

During negotiations, the insurance company of the at-fault party might claim the victim’s negligence caused the crash or that their injuries aren’t serious or didn’t directly result from the collision. The majority of accident victims don’t know the value of their claim and may just accept whatever settlement offer the insurance company will make. A truck accident will ensure a victim will only accept an offer that reflects the severity of their losses and injuries.