3 Best Alternatives to Canva Video Editor

Juliet D'cruz

3 Best Alternatives to Canva Video Editor

Canva is professional graphic design software, but users use it for a wide range of activities, including video editing, presentation creation, and more. At the moment, with the help of captivating videos, you can attract a large number of customers and increase brand awareness. Many users don’t know how to make their videos exciting and interesting, so we recommend reading the best ways to get a lot more views on YouTube articles, which provides some actionable tips that will help you to succeed. If you decide to promote your business through the use of videos, be sure to read this article and check out the best Canva video editor alternatives.

Benefits of Using Canva Software

Users who are familiar with Canva video editing software are familiar with all the benefits and features of the program. However, for those who have not previously used the application, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the pluses:

  • Intuitively simple and clear interface. One of the main advantages of Canva is the ease of use and management of features. Thanks to a clear interface, this video editor is suitable for professional users and beginners who have no experience in video editing before.
  • A large number of templates. Canva software has a huge number of ready-made templates and design elements that help you create incredible and engaging videos. New users have the opportunity to choose one of the templates and not waste time creating visual effects for your clip on their own.
  • Sharing. Canva allows multiple users to work on a project at the same time. You can share and comment, collaborate, and share material in real-time.
  • Availability. This editing software provides free access to the standard features of the application. Canva offers you to choose the features you need and pay according to your budget.

We have listed the main advantages of Canva, but with the help of a video editor, you can find many more advantages that will help you create a masterpiece and succeed.

Best Alternatives to Canva Video Editing Software

Most users who have used Canva video editing software are sure that there is no better application and it is impossible to find a similar video editor in terms of functions. However, it is not. Our experts independently reviewed several editors, found free video editing software no watermark and analyzed all the features, explored the tools, and found that they are a great alternative to the Canva app. Below you can check out the top three video editing software that are most similar in their features to this editor.


InVideo is one of the best video editors that allows you to create professional-quality videos and use a large number of ready-made templates. The program has a simple and user-friendly interface with which you can easily navigate through the functions of the software and find the tools you need. This application is used by such large companies as CNBC and Microsoft. Using InVideo, you can add visual effects, text, subtitles, cool transitions, and more. This is the program that helps you create incredible videos in minutes at no extra cost. InVideo benefits include:

  1. A library of stock files from which you can choose the stickers, music, and more you need for your video.
  2. Ability to convert text to video content. With this feature, you can easily turn your article into a captivating video and even add a voice-over.
  3. A large number of functions for editing videos. InVideo has a huge number of tools, such as storyboarding, removing extra frames, adding music, text, various transitions, and special effects.
  4. Possibility of sharing. This application has one of the most important and popular features, it is the ability to edit videos simultaneously by several users. Here you can leave comments in real-time and communicate with other participants in the work to achieve a better result.


Lumen5 is a reliable video editing software powered by artificial intelligence. Thanks to this application, you can create captivating content that will be successful in the eyes of the viewers without having much experience in video editing. Lumen5 is for professional users who have been creating films for many years, as well as for beginners who are trying their hand at editing for the first time. The program is a powerful tool that is used by many large successful companies. Here you can use useful tools to turn text into video, add special effects to make your video more colorful, create captivating transitions, and add popular music to grab your audience’s attention. Pros of using Lumen5 video editing software over Canva:

  1. Create professional videos based on AI.
  2. The ability to create professional-level videos without much editing experience.
  3. Adding automatic subtitles.
  4. A simple and user-friendly interface that allows new users to quickly understand the use of the program and select the desired option.
  5. A large number of tools and functions with which you can create an exciting video that will win the attention of the audience and make you watch your video to the end.


Clipchamp is one of the most popular video editors on par with TechSmith, which has a lot of useful features to create a captivating video. Here you can use cropping tools, clipping, resizing the picture, adding transitions, special effects, moving, and much more. This software has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for new users to navigate the app and find the features they need. However, despite the ease of use of Clipchamp, the video editor is ideal for professional use and to create high-quality films that will get successful and a large number of views. Among the advantages of this video editor you can meet:

  1. Save the video without a watermark. Exporting clips without watermarks is the most convenient feature that greatly simplifies the process of saving a movie.
  2. Convert text to video. Clipchamp has a text-to-speech or video conversion feature. This feature will allow you to make an exciting video out of the article and add a voice.
  3. Visual effects. This video editing software has a large library of special effects that will make your video more colorful and fun.
  4. Preliminary training. For beginners who have not previously had experience in editing videos, there is an opportunity to take training before moving on to the full use of all the functions of the software.


As you may have noticed, Canva has a lot of similar video editing apps that are just as useful in terms of features and tools. If you decide to create captivating videos and don’t know which processing software to use. We recommend that you review the list above and choose the one that suits you the most. Remember that video has become a powerful tool in the modern world, so creating professional and high-quality content is a rather responsible mission. Check out all the Canva alternatives and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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