11 Fun Clues To Include in Your Canadian Scavenger Hunt

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11 Fun Clues To Include in Your Canadian Scavenger Hunt

A corporate scavenger hunt is an excellent way to explore Canada’s beautiful cities while promoting team spirit. It can provide ample opportunities to learn about the country’s culture and history. Here are 11 fun clues that you can use in your Canadian scavenger hunt:

1. Find a Maple Leaf

You can hide different types of maple leaves around your search area. This may include drawings, real leaves, and even maple-flavored leaf candies. Have teams take a picture of each leaf with their phone or camera as proof and give extra points for the highest number of leaves found.

2. Spot a Mountie

Mounties are known for their red serge uniforms and horseback riding skills. You can ask your participants to converse with a Mountie to make the scavenger hunt more interesting. They can ask about their experiences and job duties as a Mountie. 

3. Find a Hockey Stick

Hockey is a big winter sport in Canada. Finding a hockey stick can be a great way to sneak some exercise into your scavenger hunt. You can even turn your competition into mini-hockey games or shootouts to make things more exciting. If you lack hockey sticks, use brooms, sticks, or even tree branches to create makeshift hockey sticks.

4. Look for a Beaver Dam

Beavers play a significant role in the country’s ecosystem and culture, from their cute rounded figures to their impressive engineering feats. To include them in your scavenger hunt, task your participants with finding a beaver dam or signs of beaver activity. Remind them to respect the animals and their habitats during their search.

5. Find a Tim Hortons 

Tim Hortons is a popular restaurant and coffee stop in Canada. Locate a Tim Hortons branch and instruct your participants to take a group selfie while holding a cup of Tim Hortons coffee or a doughnut. It can become a fun memory of everyone enjoying a cup of coffee while continuing the scavenging hunt.

6. Look for a Totem Pole 

Totem poles are traditionally used by Canada’s First Nations to tell stories and keep records of historical events. They can often depict their culture, beliefs, family stories, and myths. The scavenger hunt can take you to local parks or a cultural center where you can find totem poles. To complete the scavenger hunt, take a picture of the whole group standing beside a totem pole.

7. Find a Canadian Flag

The Canadian flag can be identified by its red and white colors and the red maple leaf in the center. You can have participants find a Canadian flag that is already flying high on a flag pole or have them search for a printed photo of the flag hidden in the area. If that doesn’t seem creative enough for you, you might want to try hiding particular portions of a printed flag in multiple places throughout the hunt. Players will need to collect all of the red and white sections before they get the complete picture.

8. Find a Quebecois Dish

Challenge your participants to find a local restaurant that serves a traditional Quebecois dish, such as poutine, tourtière, or tarte au sucre. This clue can introduce your team to a new culture and cuisine. It can also encourage them to explore the local community and support small businesses.

9. Spot a Polar Bear

The polar bear is a significant symbol in Canada. Challenge your team to spot a polar bear in a local zoo or on a piece of Canadian art or memorabilia. This clue can be a great opportunity to learn more about Canada’s natural resources and conservation efforts.

10. Find a CN Tower Postcard

Challenge your team to find a postcard or photo featuring the CN Tower. The clue can be from a local souvenir shop, in a newspaper clipping, or participants can photograph the tower themselves from a nearby vantage point. This clue can be a great opportunity to learn more about Canadian cities and architecture.

11. Locate a Canadian Penny

Challenge your team to locate a Canadian penny, whether by asking for one as change at a local store or by searching through their own pockets and purses. Along the way, encourage your team to learn more about the history of Canadian currency and the role of small denominations in daily life.

Plan Your Canadian Scavenger Hunt Today

A Canadian scavenger hunt can be a fun and engaging way to get your team working together and exploring Canadian culture and history. These clues can add excitement and adventure to your next corporate event or team-building exercise. Work with an experienced scavenger hunt event planner and get started on creating your corporate scavenger hunt today.