Worried About Your Math Exam? Learn Important Tips for 9th to 12th Grade Math Students

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Worried About Your Math Exam? Learn Important Tips for 9th to 12th Grade Math Students

Impressive performance in high school Math courses is vital to ensure success for admissions across your dream college or university. Beyond the notion of academia, math-based knowledge helps in representing the ability of the student to exercise logic towards solving problems -one of the most crucial skills for attaining success in life. Irrespective of how well a student performs in Math, it is always recommended to take professional assistance from experienced private Math tutors.

The transition from middle school math to high school courses can be highly overwhelming. While middle school math can help in laying a stronger foundation to what students can expect in high school, still there are several aspects that students in 9th grade to 12th grade should familiarize themselves with to prepare effectively for high-school Math.

Here are some best tips from qualified 1-on-1 math tutors to help you excel in the core subject:

  • Understand the Visual Aspects of the Subject

Are you fond of visual learning? In this case, high school Math will directly speak to you. With core concepts like Trigonometry, Conics, and Geometry, almost all types of problems can be effectively understood with the help of graphs or diagrams. 

9th to 12th grade Math students should aim at familiarizing themselves with picturing 3D objects and shapes while also understanding the differences between obtuse and acute angles. Embrace the fact that the unit circle tends to operate counterclockwise. The more you are able to picture a particular scenario in the subject, the better it will make sense when you have to apply the same to some complex problem.

  • Polish Up Your Basics Prior to the Freshman Year

The concepts of Math that you garnered during mid-school (including arithmetic and pre-algebra) will always be making rounds throughout your high-school Math career. It is especially true for division & multiplication along with multiples and finding factors. 

Moreover, there are some Math concepts that will always make a comeback in your life. For instance, students are expected to make use of their skills out of long division while learning about the concepts of polynomial long division. In most cases, students are expected to be re-taught on these concepts due to lack of proper application and constant practice. In this aspect, professional Math tutors can help.

More than any other academic subject, Math serves to be a cumulative form of study. This implies that when you are on top of what you have learnt already, the connections you are able to establish with advanced high-school math will always be stronger. 

  • Math is Not Always Black & White

There are several variations of the right answer. Some answers can be partially correct, while others can be perfectly correct. The good news is that teachers will usually impart partial credit when you show that some of your steps are correct. 

Due to this, greater attention to detail is needed when it comes to learning high-school Math. The more advanced you become in this subject, the more every smaller detail will matter. It holds especially true in case of Calculus. A single missed negative will totally derail your differentiation problem.

How does one best approach this situation? Faced with the challenge of a GSCE math exam, having an experienced 1-on-1 GSCE tutor can emphasize the importance of organization. 

While some teachers might not consider poor penmanship a major concern, still it serves to be a significant liability in advanced math. You should always remember that an organized notebook is an organized mind.

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  • Work Through Problems Backwards

In most cases, high school math problems involve solving multiple steps. At times, it becomes easier to misunderstand or commit a mistake at only a single step of the problem. 

As you complete a math problem, it is recommended that you should work through the steps of the problem in reverse order. This method will help you in easily catching a mistake or explaining why the given method or formula makes sense.

  • Consider Studying at New Times of the Day

Students and teachers continue theorizing and experimenting on what is the best time of the day to learn specific subjects. The ultimate fact is that for some students, learning math in the morning is highly preferable. On the other hand, for other students, it could be the night or evening. 

It is not recommended to change your habits entirely. However, you can try a new time or duration of the day while analyzing the results. How did the new time of study make you feel? Were you more alert?


As a middle school student, if you wish to improve your basic skills in math, you can consider taking help from experienced math tutors from Wiingy. Connecting with an experienced 1-on-1 math tutor will deliver the benefits of one-on-one learning along with a personalized experience catered to your individual style of learning.