Why You Should Prefer Using Table Linens Made of Cotton in Your Restaurant

Juliet D'cruz

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When we walk into a restaurant and take our place at a table, we have found the setting of the table to be always perfect. We hardly notice it because I suppose that’s what we expect it to be, but have we ever wondered if we encountered just an opposite scenario, what our mindset would be at that moment. Probably some of us would have walked out of that particular restaurant, or would have only spent a few minutes just to satisfy our hunger. A restaurant will never want to lose a customer like this. Even its reputation would be at stake, right?

So, it becomes necessary to pay attention to the décor of the table, because that would be the place a customer is likely to spend most of his or her time eating at the restaurant. Here, table linens made of cotton have a major role to play. Read on to know why.

Using fabric linen impacts many other significant factors

It sounds weird but the truth is a study shows that fabric linen has an indirect impact on the mind of the consumers concerning the quality of the served food. Not only so, but it also influences the overall experience of the customer enjoying food at an eatery that uses fabric covers for the tables. They are more likely to be happy with the food quality as well as the services offered. Moreover, it was found that customers considered table linen to be a crucial factor when eating at a restaurant. 

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A noise reducer

A cotton table cover can act as an absorber of sound and so is true with any natural fiber tablecloths. As such people tend to talk at the tables that can create a noisy environment on a busy day. Sound is emitted while cutleries collide, or while waiters put down the plates on the tables. Using thick cotton table linen can take care of this problem to some extent. 

A safe option for customers with skin sensitivity

Many people are sensitive towards fabrics like polyester or polycotton. To avoid giving discomfort to your customers, cotton table linen is a safe option as it’s hard to come across people who are allergic to cotton. 

Prevent from spreading of spills

It’s a fact that while serving or consuming food, spillage will happen. To stop that spill from spreading and soaking the dress of your customer, a cotton table cloth should be used. It minimizes the spreading of the spill thereby preventing you from handling an embarrassing situation.  

Environment as well as pocket-friendly in nature

Cotton covers are reusable. They are highly durable. You need not invest money in buying covers for your tables time and again. Maintenance costs will also be within your reach. By using these covers you would also be not causing harm to our environment. 

Adds an aesthetic value

There’s no doubt in denying the fact that when you choose the right cotton tablecloths that complement the décor of your café, it automatically gives an aesthetic value to the ambiance thus created. The sophisticated look that can be achieved by using these table accessories, can give a sense of fulfillment in the minds of your customers because it is said that we eat with our eyes first. 


So, if you are planning to buy covers for the tables at your restaurant try to choose the cotton fabric. 

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