Why Should You Go for PDFBear for Your PDF Conversion Tasks?

Juliet D'cruz

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It is vital to have a conversion tool if you are dealing with different files regularly. Office and administrative tasks involve many files. Conversion tools help you save your documents in different formats. Few office software offers this feature. It is best to convert documents online if you don’t have conversion software installed on your computer. PDFBear is the best online PDF conversion tool in the market. PDFBear offers PDF file conversion, editing, merging, and splitting. It can convert different file types to PDF and the other way around. All of their tools are easy to use. For example, when you word to pdf, the process takes only four clicks.

PDF Bear is 100% Free and Secured

Everyone enjoys free things from free food samples, free public Wi-Fi, and eBooks. Basic conversion tools of PDFBear are free. You can use the platform without monthly subscription fees. However, the Pro membership offers unlimited use of their online tools. PDFBear pro members enjoy more freedom in converting their files. People have been wary about doing anything online because of security concerns, but with PDFBear, you are always protected. The privacy of your documents is in good hands.

Files uploaded in their Cloud storage are automatically deleted after an hour when using the free version. They have the strongest 256-bit file encryption for all your documents. Setting a password will be strong additional protection for your files. You can upload any file format in PDFBear, and they will automatically convert it to PDF. Then you can create your desired password. Create passwords that are hard to guess, but you will not forget. Online PDF editor and form filler

One good way to select a good password is by using the passphrase method. Select a phrase that is meaningful to you and create an acronym using the first syllable or letters of each word. Changing some letters to numbers and special characters will make the password stronger.

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4 Mouse Clicks and Your Files are Ready

Each page for the PDFBear tools is designed for easy navigation. When you land on the “convert word to pdf” page, you will see the area where you can conveniently drag and drop the files you want to convert. Below you will see the how-to instructions. The instructions are displayed while you perform each step and as your files are converted so you can review it during the process. First, you must click on Select Files to upload the file you want to convert.

  • Then click on the word document in the file manager pop up.
  • Third, click on Open to transfer your files online. PDFBear will scan your documents.
  • Last, click on the Download icon to save the new PDF file on your device. 

Therefore, an online tool is preferred over installing software on your laptops. Offline software has complicated instructions and steps in converting files.

An All-in One-Tool That You Can Access Anywhere You Are

PDFBear is called an all-in-one tool for your PDF for a reason. It can work with most document formats. It has the tools for anything you need to manage a file in PDF format. The file format that PDFBear can change to PDF and vice versa includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG images. You can merge separate PDFs or split one file into multiple files. A delete PDF pages tool is also available, where you can delete one or more pages in your document. To enhance a PDF file, you can compress it to a smaller size or repair corrupted files with their program. 

PDFs are made to be non-editable, but with PDFBear, you can draw, add shape or text and highlight the file. Their leitor de PDF lets you preview, edit, share or print your document. Other objects you can add to the PDF are page number, watermark, and an e-signature. With their rotate PDF tool, you can fix the layout of a PDF file. If you added a password and you can’t remember it, PDFBear can help you unlock your PDF. PDFBear has almost 15 useful tools for your PDF concerns. Since PDF Bear is an online tool, you can convert your documents anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

PDFBear pro offers advanced features. You can access your file anywhere in an unlimited cloud file storage with a very low annual fee. Dropbox users can also directly choose the files to work on in their Dropbox online cloud.


PDF is one of the best technological inventions that we are enjoying today. It is now a popular file format, heavily used on the web. With online tools, PDF-related tasks have become simple. The basic features of PDFBear are free, and a premium account is very cheap. It is easy to use and secure. If you need a tool that can do just anything with PDF, look no further. PDFBear got everything.

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