Why Rent a Car in Silicon Oasis and What to Explore?

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Why Rent a Car in Silicon Oasis and What to Explore?

Dubai, the Disney land of tourists, is one of the most developed states in the world that has advanced infrastructure and stylish looks to admire luxury-seeking souls. Roaming in and around this diverse state is a daunting task especially for beginners because public transport does not provide access to exact locations and hiring cabs is not in everyone’s range. However, renting a car can create ease. 

Many reputable companies are providing rental car services in different areas of Dubai that are close to tourist destinations, business empires, educational sectors, and other imported areas. However, most people prefer to use Silicon Oasis car rental services because it’s one of the ideal locations that provide easy access to all famous and notable areas. 

Rental car services in this massively busy area provide both locals and visitors with all types of cars at cheap rates. From casual family cars to exotic sports cars users can rent any type of car according to their traveling needs or requirements and budget.  

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Why Rent A Car In Silicon Oasis? 

Silicon Oasis is known as the technology hub of this glamorous state that owns some largest industries and tech houses. Moreover, it is a prime location that links many famous places like Ras-al-Khaima to the main city. It’s also home to educational institutions, markets, and restaurants.  Therefore, most people prefer to rent a car here instead of any other location. 

Some major reasons to rent a car in Silicon Oasis are listed here; 

To Save Time and Money 

Silicon Oasis is one of the busiest areas of this glamorous land due to the presence of industries, institutions, and a massive network of roads. Therefore, public transport does not provide efficient and accurate access to this area and people often hire taxis or cabs that result in heavy charges. However, renting a car in this area can save you both time and money. 

To Move Freely 

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not possible to move to the city conveniently by using a public bus. Therefore, you need to rent a car in this area so that you can easily move in and around the town without wasting time and money. 

Easy Access 

Another reason to rent a car in Silicon Oasis is that it provides easy access to all famous tourist destinations, institutions, and industrial areas. It also linked some hidden gems like Ras-al-Khaimah to the main city. 

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What To Explore In or Around Silicon Oasis? 

This highly developed town is not only home to industries and educational buildings but also surrounded by a wide range of tourist attractions that admire millions of visitors to stay here and explore the traditional and historical side of this luxurious state. 

Are you in Dubai and planning to rent a car in the tech hub? You are highly recommended to visit the places mentioned below and collect some unique memories to cherish with your loved ones. 

Burj Khalifa 

Just 8km away from the Silicon Oasis is the most famous tourist attraction of this iconic city, Burj Khalifa. You can easily access a rental car and can witness the bird’s eye view of this marvelous state from the observation deck. It also provides a lot of other thrilling and adventure-seeking opportunities to tourists. 

Dubai Shopping  Mall 

After exploring the world’s tallest building, your next destination should be the Dubai shopping mall where you can explore all the national and international brands. It is located within walking distance of Burj Khalifa and 12 km from Silicon Oasis. Its third floor is home to the famous underwater zoo and Dubai aquarium which is the ultimate source of fun and joy for families and children. 

IMG the World of Adventures 

This adventurous tourist attraction is also present in the surroundings of Silicon Oasis. Its distributed into four major zones and each zone presents a different world. It’s the best place to explore with your kids and family. Moreover, visitors can also enjoy here movies in cinemas and video games. Delicious food corners and Arabian restaurants are also present to treat your taste buds with traditional and continental cuisines 

Final Thought 

Renting car services are working in almost all corners of Dubai, and one can easily rent a car in JLT, Abu Hail, Business bay, or any other location from the comfort of home. However, renting a car in the tech hub, Silicone Oasis is a time and money-saving approach to easily move in and around the town. Moreover, it also provides easy access to top tourist attractions. 

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