When Is The Right Time To Make A Will?

Juliet D'cruz

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All people should have a legally valid written will that outlines their intentions and decisions. And this doesn’t mean making a will when you are old and grey. No one knows when we might kick the bucket, so why put this off? After all, making a will can stop your hard-earned fortune from falling into the wrong hands. 

Also, as you age, you can develop issues like dementia which can hinder your judgment and open your will up to being challenged in court after your demise. Thus, writing a will when your mind is still healthy would be helpful, so it is legally binding. That said, the best time to start one is when you are youthful, healthy, and fit, ensuring that there is no question about your knowledge of the consequences.

A will is essential to strategic estate planning because it gives you the power to decide what happens when you pass away and to manage critical matters. You must have a will in writing to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of accordingly. 

Since it offers so many benefits, it would be wise to think about creating a will now if you do not have one already. Doing this can save your family from inheritance-related complications and potential squabbles. The best part: it’s super easy to make one nowadays; you can simply develop wills online. Convenient, isn’t it?

Some significant life experiences can cause a shift in either your personal affairs or your financial situation, making them the perfect times to create or update your will. With this being said, let’s look at some good reasons that indicate it is the perfect time to create a will. 

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As Your Relationship Status Changes & You Get Married

A long-term relationship signifies the beginning of a new phase in your life. Somehow, this frequently changes the way you want your possessions transferred. You are obligated to ensure they will not be treated unfairly if the unexpected happens to you because they now rely on you to provide for them financially. 

Therefore, you want to add your spouse or significant other to your wealth management since they should be considered. Changes to your most important relationships are the most critical causes of making a will. 

However, if you had a will before getting married, it can become void in some countries after the marriage, which is another reason to make an update. Your partner would inherit the same portion of your inheritance as if you had passed away without a will if your last will doesn’t mention them or explicitly states that you don’t intend to provide for them. 

Furthermore, if a separate marital settlement included or disregarded a clause for your spouse, the situation might change once more. Because a formal will was not in place to provide security, many families have been forced to deal with severe legal complications.

When You Become Parents

Being a parent, the care for your children comes naturally. So, your primary concern as a parent is your children’s welfare. Protecting children at all costs is a crucial aspect of providing for them. Moreover, you must consider what will happen to them when you pass away. Nobody likes to consider that, yet it is a critical aspect of parenthood that is frequently disregarded. 

A will helps ensure that your heirs are cared for exactly as you wish, whereas an intestate circumstance would undoubtedly result in their obtaining a share of your assets. A will is an important place to nominate a caretaker for your children if both parents pass away. Revise your will by the likelihood that all of your preferences for your kids will change once they reach adulthood. One of them might even serve as your successor if you so choose.

Divorce or separation

Life is full of people who come and go; that is how life works. But having a change in relationship status may be the perfect opportunity to update your will or reevaluate your estate plan.

Having an updated will in place becomes even more important during a separation. According to the law, separations aren’t recognized the same as divorces. Reviewing your will is important to ensure that it reflects your current wishes whenever there is a significant change in your relationships. Be it relocating to another country or state.

The laws surrounding wills and estate planning vary from state to state in the United States. It’s a good time to consider updating your will if you move to a new state. Intestacy and estate laws should be familiarized when moving to a new country or state.

Having Multiple Assets & Businesses

Major improvements regarding your financial situation can influence your life, from getting an inheritance, purchasing a home, trading a company, or starting savings and investments. You need an updated will to ensure your wealth is distributed to the individuals who matter most to you. It will affect your assets’ value, as well as who you designate as heirs and how much money you give them. 

Similarly, it is worth mentioning that any significant asset purchase demands the creation or revision of your Will. Purchasing a home can occasionally accompany a relocation. In case it does, make sure to research the will-related legislation in your new state. Sometimes, you might need to make more adjustments than you think. So, assess your future strategy, whether you want to have family members run the company or hire anybody else. 

Likewise, if you are entrusting it to one or more persons, consider how much of the company will be given to each person. The state’s laws will determine who receives what if you do not have a will. It is important to consider writing or amending your will if your financial status has significantly changed recently.

When You Get Serious Health Issues

A tragic life experience may be necessary to persuade you that you must have a will. You may have decided that it is an appropriate time to write a will due to a severe health condition or a close encounter with death. No one can foretell the future; however, being mindful of your destiny can help you make the appropriate preparations to call an attorney and start planning.

When you’re starting a New Business

To start a business, you must work hard and dedicate yourself to it. However, when you pass away, your will can specify how the business should be managed so that all the efforts can continue to benefit your loved ones. Having a will may also give your estate a significant tax break instead of passing without one. So, if you don’t want your hard work to go down the drain due to your untimely demise, create a will.

The Way Forward

How you decide to divide your inheritance can be affected by various circumstances, including changes in preferences, conflicts within the families, and laws. Health issues may have a drastic impact. So, keep them all in mind and create a will to safeguard the future of your loved ones.  

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